Writing Center

The CSS faculty writing tutors are here to serve you! Meetings can be held either in person or via Zoom.

We currently use two tools to help us in accomplishing our work: Microsoft Word Review and Big Blue Button. As tutors, we use a Socratic Questioning process, which guides and inspires you while writing and revising your papers.  We will be reviewing the papers together with you, although virtually of course, and conference calling to speak directly with you.  Please note that we can work with all disciplines, where papers are required, and this includes English language learners.

Need help?  We have a system up and running to process your requests. See our hours and contact information below. Reminder: We will need a copy of the assignment you are seeking help for, along with a grading rubric, and any other documents that would help us help them. In addition, we prefer papers to be in the doc or docx Word format rather than a Google doc, Pages from Mac, or PDFs.

Together, we will make this work!


  • Monday -Thursday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Friday: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.


  • Phone: 517.796.8415
  • E-mail: JCCSS@jccmi.edu

Writing Center Tutors

Pam Fitzgerald

Welcome Jets! My name is Pam Fitzgerald, but most of my students call me, “Ms. Fitz”. I received my BA and MA from Spring Arbor University, and have recently re-entered a doctoral program.  I look forward to working with you on anything that has to do with writing, note-taking, organizing, studying, or whatever else you need to be successful at Jackson College. I have also worked with many students on their resumes and college application letters. Writing sometimes appears more difficult than it really is; you just need to have a plan and a formula. We will work on those things together. During my career, I taught a plethora of English courses for over 20 years at Jackson High School and East Jackson High School. I retired as head principal of Jackson High, a position I loved, but I missed the positive student interactions. Currently, I am in my 8th year as an adjunct instructor in the JC Center for Student Success, a position I love because it allows me to work with individual students again. I strongly encourage each of you to utilize the offerings of the Center for Student Success right from the start. Don’t wait until you have a problem, then try to fix it after the fact. In college, it’s extremely hard to catch up and keep up at the same time. We are here to help you with anything you need to have a wonderful experience as a Jackson College Jet. I look forward to getting to know you, even if it’s online for a while longer. You can reach me at fitzgerpamelaj@jccmi.edu.

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Virginia Imperial

Hello students! I am Virginia Imperial, an Adjunct Instructor at Jackson College since 2008 and a Writing Lab tutor since 2010. I look forward to getting to know you and encouraging you to take ownership of your writing, mindful that my colleagues and I all work to support your professor’s course requirements. Specifically, I will ask questions to help you clarify your ideas and strengthen certain areas such as thesis development, organization, and structure. Each of you is unique, possessing inherent dignity; therefore, I strive to make this philosophy of teaching visible with every encounter. I am excited to meet you and show you that writing is a skill you can enjoy and use throughout your life. Welcome to the Center for Student Success!

You can reach me at imperiavirginis@jccmi.edu.

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Kim McKeown

Hello!  My name is Kim McKeown, and I have been at Jackson College since 1999 working as an English instructor and a writing lab tutor at the CSS.  My goal is to help each student become a confident, independent learner and writer.  We all need help at times, especially when we feel stressed or overwhelmed with life and with school. As a writing lab faculty tutor, I will help you understand your assignments, how to organize and gather the content of your essays, and clarify that the words you use impact the meaning of what you are trying to say.  The process of writing is your own.  I, and my colleagues, are here to aid you in getting what is in your head down on paper in the best way possible. Writing can be like putting together a set of Legos.  You have an idea of what you want to create but need some help picking out the right blocks and fitting them together. That is what tutoring is – helping you put together your own creation.  I look forward to meeting with you and being a part of your educational journey! You can reach me at mckeownkimberls@jccmi.edu.

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Sandy Schultz

Hi!  My name is Sandra Schultz, and I am an alumnus of California State University Long Beach, where I graduated with by BA and MA in English.

As a life-long writer, learning and teaching how to successfully communicate through writing resonates deeply inside of me.  The importance of effective writing cannot be underestimated. Teaching students how to write as a communication tool greatly contributes to their success as a student.  Not only are they learning to write papers for classes, but they are learning how to express their needs, desires, ideas, opinions, and wisdom.  They can take this tool out into their world to better their relationships, to navigate their path towards their goals, and to participate more fully as a social being.

First and foremost, I work to create an environment within which the student will feel safe, welcomed, and respected.  I consider each student as an individual with unique learning styles, and in the best scenario, I will also learn from them.  I present content in the most efficient way that I can, striving for clarity and cohesion, so that no student who is willing and able to learn will be left behind.  I make myself available to answer questions, clear confusion, and help students to discover and strengthen their unique voice.

Teaching and tutoring are my passion!  I look forward to meeting you and helping you in any way I can. You can reach me at schultzsandral@jccmi.edu.

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