Digital Marketing

Complete in as little as 12 months!

Digital marketers communicate with the public through platforms that promote content engagement and sharing online. They use business concepts, creativity, communication, and technology skills to create digital marketing campaigns.

Content is posted – such as images, text, and videos – to spark interest in a topic, build a brand, and engage with the target market. Digital marketers may interact with the public in real-time to share positive engagements and
track effectiveness.

  • Upon completion, participants are eligible to take the Digital Marketing Pro Certification through the American Marketing Association.
  • Digital Marketing Program Highlights
    • Pay varies by position and field, starting around $31,900, median wages of $55,700 annually.
    • Use current and emerging technologies to create a marketing campaign
  • Sample Key Topics Include
    • Business Terminology
    • Web/Cloud Collaboration
    • Social Media: Posting and interacting, including sharing images, text, and videos.
    • Advertising
    • Web Design & Image Editing