Production Technicianmanufacturing worker

Complete in as little as 10 months!

The Production Technician industry-recognized credential addresses the core technical competencies of higher skilled production workers in all sectors of manufacturing. This program prepares participants to take four of the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council assessments to become a Certified Production Technician®.

Skilled manufacturing workers are needed in many areas of today’s industries. Education and training will cover four modules:

  • Safety
  • Manufacturing processes and production
  • Quality practices and measurement
  • Maintenance awareness

When a student completes each module, they will take the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council assessment to earn a single certificate. Upon successful completion of all four assessments, participants will earn full CPT® certification.

  • Possible Certifications Earned with Successful Completion of Program
    • MSSC Certified Production Technician® (National Credential)
    • Individual MSSC Credentials: Safety, Manufacturing Processes & Production, Quality Practices & Measurement, and Maintenance Awareness Certificates
  • Sample Key Topics Included
    • Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing
    • Machine Safety and Safe Practices in the Workplace
    • Material Handling Safety and Types of PPE
    • Hand and Power Tools
    • Introduction to Blueprint Reading
    • Lean Production Concepts