Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows provide free writing support to JC students in all disciplines or programs of study from astronomy to zoology. We can help you no matter where you are in the writing process – from collecting material at the beginning to properly citing sources at the end of the process. We offer online/e-mail tutoring services for online students.

We can help with

Essay writing, research writing, APA, MLA, Chicago style, notetaking, reviewing assignment instructions and more!

The first step is to scheduling a session with a Writing Fellow is to select from one of our writing fellows and send them an e-mail with the following information:

  • Your essay (any stage)
  • Assignment sheet
  • Sample paper (if the teacher gave you one)
  • List of 2 days/times you are available
  • Two questions you would like to ask of your Writing Fellow

Once you have e-mailed the Writing Fellow, they will e-mail you back with a link to participate in a virtual meeting to discuss your needs.

Kathie Delgado


Hi! I’m Kathie Delgado. I came to Jackson College to finish my Liberal Arts degree. When I leave Jackson, I hope to transfer to Spring Arbor University to complete my bachelor’s degree. Once I have done that, my dream is to work in the prison system literacy program.

I am grateful to have been chosen as a Writing Fellow because I am learning so much. This is an opportunity to perfect my skills for my future work helping prison inmates improve their literacy skills. We got this — don’t worry! We can help each other.

I am a new member of the Jackson College Heritage Center and have worked on projects throughout the fall of 2018. When I am not studying or working in the JC Heritage Center,  I love to spend time with my seven grandchildren, write stories, cook and read.

Abigail Frew


Hi!  My name is Abbey Frew! I am currently going through the nursing program here at JC. I’m an avid animal lover with a dog and bearded dragon at home. I hope to get my bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing to become a Nurse Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner. I am an SI leader and am a member of the JC Heritage Center. I look forward to helping my peers as others have helped me.

Sheryl Rose


Hi! I’m Sheryl. I have developed a joy for writing here at Jackson College. In addition to learning how to properly write a paragraph and an essay, my writing course taught me how to take apart a paragraph.  This skill has helped me to understand the textbook reading that is required of me, and I now study more effectively, and I comprehend the material in a way I never thought possible.

I look forward to working with you this semester. Two minds together are better than one We got this!

Kacy Utterback


Hi! My name is Kacy Utterback, and I am attending Jackson College to complete a degree in Business Administration. I plan to transfer to Sienna Heights University to complete my bachelor’s degree, and then finish my degree at the University of Michigan. Business has always been super important to my family, so I look forward to carrying on the tradition.

In my free time I love to design websites and help local businesses with their online presence. I am also part of the JC Heritage Center.  The Writing Fellow Program has been a positive experience that has allowed me to collaborate with peers to continue to grow as a writer. It is my pleasure to talk about writing with you!

Ashley Cooper


Hello! My name is Ashley Cooper. I’m currently studying at Jackson College to become a registered nurse. After JC, I plan to attend a university to earn my bachelor’s degree. Along with school, I also work as a certified nurse aide. Providing compassionate, empathetic care is my life objective. When I’m not working or studying, I love kayaking, gardening, camping, reading poetry, and caring for my cat.

Writing has been one of my passions since childhood. I’m steadily improving those skills to become the best communicator I can be. I would love to help you become the best writer you can be, too! No judgements here. If you need help, let me know, and we’ll get it done. Let’s earn these degrees!

Olivia Kinney


Hi! I’m Olivia Kinney! I am a dual-enrolled student at the JC/LISD Academy. I plan to graduate from Jackson college with an Associate in Arts then transferring to Siena Heights to get my teaching degree. My goal is to become a high school history teacher. I have always loved history and I am happy to be a part of the JC Heritage Center Program. I’m an avid writer and I look forward to helping others with their writing!

Torianna Murphy


Hello! My name is Torianna Murphy, I’m a full-time student at JC and working part-time for the campus library. I’m studying studio art, graphic design, and literature. I have an intense love of fiction and stories and my hope is become a graphic designer while also writing and illustrating children’s books. I plan to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree once I finish at JC. I’m so honored and thrilled to be a part of Writing Fellows; the mere nomination changed my life.

Junior Writing Fellows

Zaria Bridgewater

In training

Hello, I am Zaria Bridgewater but most just call me Zee! I am currently attending Jackson with a goal to achieve my Associates in Science. I want to study Athletic Training after graduating. I love traveling, trying new things, and playing sports.  I enjoy using my writing skills to articulate for different audiences. I look forward to helping you with the writing skills I have learned and used.

Don’t worry!  We got this!

Kayleigh Eaton

In training

Hi! My name is Kayleigh Eaton, and I am currently going through the Vascular Sonography program at Jackson College. I plan on getting my Registered Vascular Technologist credentials through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography upon completion of the program, and I am thinking about becoming dual certified in Cardiac Sonography down the road. Outside of school, I am a single mom to twin boys and two cats. I enjoy superheroes of all types, supernatural thrillers, and historical fiction across all genres. My hobbies include reading, writing, and spending time with my family and friends.

Writing is one of my favorite ways to communicate! I regularly help my friends edit their passion pieces and would love to do the same for you. Let’s get together and get writing!

Naomi Fain

In training

Hi! My name is Naomi Fain. I am finishing my first year at Jackson and I plan to apply to the Radiography program in January. When I’m not at work or studying, I love spending time with my cats, reading historical non-fiction (especially about World War II or US Presidents), or listening to true crime podcasts.

I am honored to have been chosen to participate in the Writing Fellows. I have always enjoyed reading and writing, and I hope to be able to share that love for writing with others through this program!

Kimberly Lynn

In training

Hello! My name is Kimberly Lynn. I am working towards my degree in Business Administration. I also have a full-time career in finance, and this degree will provide future opportunities for me within this field. My favorite part of life is being a mommy! Outside of work and school you can find me playing with my son, doing arts and crafts, enjoying the lake during the summer and snuggled up with a book during the winter. I also enjoy a good puzzle, singing in church, and I am a health and wellness coach.

I have always dabbled in writing as a means of expression typically through poetry and short stories. Throughout my collegiate journey I have been blessed to learn many more skills as a writer. I look forward to enhancing my skillset and sharing my joy for writing with others. If you ever need a helping hand, please reach out to me. Let’s travel the road to success together! We’ve got this!

Michael Nau

In training

Hello there! My name is Michael Nau, and I am currently enrolled in the Business Administration program at Jackson College. I plan to transfer to University to complete my Bachelor’s in Business Administration next year. After I obtain my degree, I hope to become a Financial Advisor. Some hobbies I have besides writing are reading, basketball, and traveling. I also enjoy stepping out of my comfort zones and trying new things. I want to help others be successful and achieve their goals in life and I will do anything in my power to help them get there.

It is okay to ask for help, we are all in this together. College is no easy task; we are all trying our best. Don’t be afraid to ask me or my writing fellow peers for help, we are all eager to do so!

Kari Priesman

In training

Hello, my name is Kari Priesman. I am currently a student at Jackson College. My goal is to get my associates in nursing then transfer to University to complete my bachelor’s degree. I enjoy Kayaking, camping, snowmobiling, gardening. Basically, anything to do with outside. I am a mother of three grown children and have four dogs.

I enjoy being able to help others. Sometimes it is the smallest of things you do for someone that makes the biggest difference in their lives. Together, we got this!

Darren Silva-Collins

In training

Hello! I am Darren Silva-Collins! I am currently working on getting my Associate of Arts degree here at Jackson College. After I get my Associate of Arts, I hope to become a comic book writer. I have a lot of experience in writing, not only from the previous two English classes I’ve taken, but also from stories I write in my free time. Besides writing stories, my interests include Batman, Metal Gear Solid, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Recently, my writing skills have improved immensely, and I intend to keep improving.

If you’re ever feeling under pressure, like you’re at your wit’s end and are unsure what do to… Don’t worry! We all feel like that sometimes! We got this! 

Ethan Smith

In training

Hello, My name is Ethan Smith. I am currently completing my associates in science and plan on transferring to University to become a physician’s assistant. Along with going to school at Jackson, I also work at my local public school as a paraprofessional where I mainly help teach kids reading and writing skills. I am excited to be given a chance to help out those that are struggling with their writing. I’m glad that I am being given the chance to help those that need it as much as I once did.

Julie Smith

In training

I am currently studying at Jackson College to complete my Liberal Arts degree. I’m still trying to figure out what path I’ll be taking after I leave JC, but teaching will be a part of whichever path I do take. When I’m not studying, I enjoy spending time with family, reading, gardening, and being outdoors. I have 2 Labradors that also keep me busy.

Reading and writing never came naturally to me as a child. It wasn’t until I was in 5th grade when I received one-on-one instruction from a newly graduated teacher that this changed. She was instrumental in sparking my love and joy for both to this very day. As a Writing Fellow, it has been exciting to learn more about how to improve my writing skills and to use those skills to be able to help others. I’m passionate about teaching and encouraging others to do their best.

I look forward to working together this semester to help you reach your goals!

Isaac Sobieski

In training

Hello! My name is Isaac Sobieski. I began Jackson College back in January in pursuit of a degree in General Studies. I’m not sure what to do for a career; however, I know that if I learn a little bit of everything, then I can already have some prerequisites accomplished and can focus on one field in the future. Some of my interests are aerospace, military history, trains, and sci-fi.

I wasn’t good at writing early on; even through high school years I struggled a bit. However, I have improved my writing skills and I’m now much more confident. I know what it’s like to struggle with writing, and if someone ever asked me for help with it, I’d be glad to give them a hand.

Writing Tips

Using active verbs

To “comma” or not “to comma”

Creating a works cited page

Paragraph Structure

Editing Strategy


The Writing Fellows mission is to help JC students become better thinkers, readers, and writers. Faculty support, individualized tutoring, and responsive reading all help our students understand writing as a recursive process. We believe that a writer can learn a good deal by talking to a sensitive and responsive reader before, during, and after writing and rewriting.

We adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Writing Fellows begin where the student is. Writing Fellows always start with the student’s concerns and needs, setting aside personal agendas or preferences.
  2. All students do their own work. Writing Fellows do not edit nor do they rewrite any portion of the tutees work. Writing Fellows suggests strategies for revision and editing, and they use sample papers and worksheets to help students understand individual revising and editing processes. Writing Fellows emphasize critical thinking or meta-thinking during tutoring sessions.
  3. Writing Fellows first address “higher order” concerns such as understanding the scope of the assignment, rhetorical mode or genre expectations, purpose and audience concerns, collection or invention techniques, and organizational strategies before they address “lower order” concerns such syntax, punctuation, usage and spelling. Writing Fellows stress that the point of the essay, report, or article drives the entire process.
  4. Writing Fellows adhere to the goal of independent learning, using redirection as a strategy. Writing Fellows do not attempt to solve all writing concerns in a single session or even in a semester. Their goal is to help peers become more confident and competent thinkers, readers and writers.


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