Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows provide free writing support to JC students in all disciplines or programs of study from astronomy to zoology. We can help you no matter where you are in the writing process – from collecting material at the beginning to properly citing sources at the end of the process. We can help with essay writing, research writing, APA, MLA, Chicago style, notetaking, reviewing assignment instructions and more! We offer online/e-mail tutoring services for online students.

How to contact a Writing Fellow

If you would like to schedule  a tutoring session, please contact .

Emma Scholfield

Hello, My name is Emma Scholfield. I plan to graduate from Jackson College with an Associate in Arts and transfer to a University to study Communications and Media. Once I receive my degree, I plan to work for a news/ radio station or in marketing. In my free time, I enjoy waitressing at Olivia’s Chop House and working at a local radio station, WCSR, in Hillsdale. I also announced basketball games at Jonesville High School, where I graduated. I know work is not necessarily a hobby, but I enjoy it. I love to travel to new places and learn new things. I also enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and my cat Fernandez. I love assisting others in reaching their goals, succeeding, and motivating when needed. Writing is something I have always had a passion for, and I want to use my skills to help others. Remember, the greatest good is what we do for one another. Please, feel free to reach out at any time for assistance.

Matt Rosentreter

Hi! I’m Matt Rosentreter, and I’m attending Jackson for my first two years of college before transferring and getting my Bachelor’s degree in journalism. I love writing, and my whole life I’ve wanted to spend my time and energy helping others. That’s why journalism is so important to me, both as an outlet and a way to make change. It’s why I want to help you with your writing, too—help you find a goal and pursue it by using your words and self-expression.

Natalie Zic

Hello! My name is Natalie Zic! When I first came to Jackson, I was uncertain which career I wanted to pursue. However, after learning more about myself and the world around me, I have decided to work towards becoming a high school English teacher. In my free time, I like to read, play board games, and expand my Pokémon card collection. As someone who has grown from the help and feedback of others, I am excited for the opportunity to help my community!

Ashley Cooper

Hello! My name is Ashley Cooper. I’m currently studying at Jackson College to become a registered nurse. After JC, I plan to attend a university to earn my bachelor’s degree. Along with school, I also work as a certified nurse aide. Providing compassionate, empathetic care is my life objective. When I’m not working or studying, I love kayaking, gardening, camping, reading poetry, and caring for my cat.

Writing has been one of my passions since childhood. I’m steadily improving those skills to become the best communicator I can be. I would love to help you become the best writer you can be, too! No judgements here. If you need help, let me know, and we’ll get it done. Let’s earn these degrees!

Kimberly Lynn

Hello! My name is Kimberly Lynn. I am working towards my degree in Business Administration. I also have a full-time career in finance, and this degree will provide future opportunities for me within this field. My favorite part of life is being a mommy! Outside of work and school you can find me playing with my son, doing arts and crafts, enjoying the lake during the summer and snuggled up with a book during the winter. I also enjoy a good puzzle, singing in church, and I am a health and wellness coach.

I have always dabbled in writing as a means of expression typically through poetry and short stories. Throughout my collegiate journey I have been blessed to learn many more skills as a writer. I look forward to enhancing my skillset and sharing my joy for writing with others. If you ever need a helping hand, please reach out to me. Let’s travel the road to success together! We’ve got this!

Azyah Brown

I’m Azyah Brown, a sophomore at Jackson College.  After my work at JC is done, I have hopes to continue my academics and pursue a bachelors on the pre-med track. I also play basketball and hope to continue with my athletic career at a reputable university. Outside of school and basketball I have a love for a variety of things, from playing video games to traveling and enjoying new experiences. Life is very much like a hike up a mountain, and we will be faced with obstacles along the way. I want to help people up their mountain as people have helped me.

Junior Writing Fellows

Javen Tumey-Patterson

In training

Hi everyone! My name is Javen Tumey – Patterson. I plan on attending Jackson College for my first two years and then transfer to a university to pursue engineering. Here at Jackson College, I also play basketball and hope to continue to play elsewhere after my two years. Outside of school,  I love to work out, play videogames, and spend time with family and friends. Despite not being a natural writer, I’ve learned from others, and I aspire to be the peer someone else needs.

Jaykob Chase

In training

Hello!  My name is Jaykob Chase, and I am currently attending Jackson College. I am duel enrolled through Northwest High School. I am in my senior year of high school and am about half way to my associates degree. When I am finished with classes at JC, I plan to attend a four year college where I hope to keep studying history and science. My goal is to be a teacher. Outside of school, I like to spend time with my family and play video games. I want to help my peers develop their writing skills as a writing fellow.

Paige Otto

In training

Hello, my name is Paige Otto. I am a sophomore at Jackson College. After receiving my Associates in General Studies from JC, I plan on transferring to a university to pursue a bachelor’s in political science/pre-law. I hope to pursue a career in the legal field. Outside of school, my hobbies include reading, creative writing, and crocheting. I have enjoyed serving as secretary on my church’s Congregational Council. I also love spending time with my friends and family, as well as traveling and learning new things. I look forward to the opportunity to help others with their writing, as others have helped me.

Jeni Pratt

In training

Hello, my name is Jeni Pratt. I will be graduating from Jackson College with my Associates in Arts. From there, I will be transferring to a university to pursue a degree in child psychology. When I am not spending time on classwork, I am generally at a sporting event for one of my four children. I also enjoy reading, working with my horses, and camping during the summer. I have always enjoyed writing, and I look forward to helping others find their voice in their writings, as well.

Emily Kirk

In training

Hello, my name is Emily Kirk! I am a sophomore at Jackson and plan to graduate in the spring with my Associate’s in Applied Sciences. After this, I will transfer to Eastern Michigan in pursuit of a Bachelor’s in Clinical Laboratory Science. Once I earn my degree I plan to work in a medical diagnostic lab, most likely in a hospital. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and pets, as well as traveling. One interesting thing about me is that I spent this past summer working at the University of Michigan in an undergraduate research program. I worked closely with a postdoctoral mentor in the human genetics department. We worked to create a process that identifies a specific gene as cancerous or benign in the colorectal system. In the near future, my work will be published in a medical database for health professionals to reference. I am excited to be  part of the writing fellowship as I have always enjoyed writing.

Sara Reynolds

In training

Hello! My name is Sara Reynolds. I consider myself a creative peerson and an artist. I love to experiment with just about any media I can get my hands on, but my favorite is paint! I also enjoy cooking, reading, and exercising. In my current job, I partner with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as an advocate and consultant on our Public Mental Health System. I am passionate about creating positive change and have special interest in public policy. I hope to continue to expand my leadership in the field of mental health policy by obtaining my Bachelor’s in Business Administration. I believe that I found my voice, both as an advocate, and a person, through writing. My hope is to help others find their own voice through writing, as well.

Maille Humphries

In training

Hi! My name is Maille Humphries, and I’m  part of the early college program at Jackson College. After I’m finished at Jackson College I plan on transferring to a university to pursue a degree in social work, eventually working as a therapist.  Currently, I work part time as a receptionist at a veterinary clinic in Mason, and I foster orphaned kittens. In my free time, I’m usually playing video games on my computer, binge watching something on Netflix, or hanging out with my family and pets. Writing is something I’ve always loved but haven’t always been the best at. As a writing fellow I hope to help people who are struggling like I had in the past, and I hope to  better get to know people from the Jackson community.

Writing Tips

Using active verbs

To “comma” or not “to comma”

Creating a works cited page

Paragraph Structure

Editing Strategy


The Writing Fellows mission is to help JC students become better thinkers, readers, and writers. Faculty support, individualized tutoring, and responsive reading all help our students understand writing as a recursive process. We believe that a writer can learn a good deal by talking to a sensitive and responsive reader before, during, and after writing and rewriting.

We adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Writing Fellows begin where the student is. Writing Fellows always start with the student’s concerns and needs, setting aside personal agendas or preferences.
  2. All students do their own work. Writing Fellows do not edit nor do they rewrite any portion of the tutees work. Writing Fellows suggests strategies for revision and editing, and they use sample papers and worksheets to help students understand individual revising and editing processes. Writing Fellows emphasize critical thinking or meta-thinking during tutoring sessions.
  3. Writing Fellows first address “higher order” concerns such as understanding the scope of the assignment, rhetorical mode or genre expectations, purpose and audience concerns, collection or invention techniques, and organizational strategies before they address “lower order” concerns such syntax, punctuation, usage and spelling. Writing Fellows stress that the point of the essay, report, or article drives the entire process.
  4. Writing Fellows adhere to the goal of independent learning, using redirection as a strategy. Writing Fellows do not attempt to solve all writing concerns in a single session or even in a semester. Their goal is to help peers become more confident and competent thinkers, readers and writers.


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