Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows provide free writing support to JC students in all disciplines or programs of study from astronomy to zoology. We can help you no matter where you are in the writing process – from collecting material at the beginning to properly citing sources at the end of the process. We offer online/e-mail tutoring services for online students.

We can help with

Essay writing, research writing, APA, MLA, Chicago style, notetaking, reviewing assignment instructions and more!

The first step is to scheduling a session with a Writing Fellow is to select from one of our writing fellows and send them an e-mail with the following information:

  • Your essay (any stage)
  • Assignment sheet
  • Sample paper (if the teacher gave you one)
  • List of 2 days/times you are available
  • Two questions you would like to ask of your Writing Fellow

Once you have e-mailed the Writing Fellow, they will e-mail you back with a link to participate in a virtual meeting to discuss your needs.

Catherine Castle


Hi! My name is Catherine Castle! I am currently a full-time student at Jackson College, and I hope to finish my Associate of Arts degree at Jackson and then transfer to a university to study publication. I am very involved in both learning and teaching martial arts and have done Tae Kwon Do for almost 4 years. I am an extreme history nerd and love to tell the stories of the people who did so much to help build our communities. That is one reason I am part of the JC Heritage Center.

Above all, I love to write! I look forward to working our way through the writing process together!

Kathie Delgado


Hi! I’m Kathie Delgado. I came to Jackson College to finish my Liberal Arts degree. When I leave Jackson, I hope to transfer to Spring Arbor University to complete my bachelor’s degree. Once I have done that, my dream is to work in the prison system literacy program.

I am grateful to have been chosen as a Writing Fellow because I am learning so much. This is an opportunity to perfect my skills for my future work helping prison inmates improve their literacy skills. We got this — don’t worry! We can help each other.

I am a new member of the Jackson College Heritage Center and have worked on projects throughout the fall of 2018. When I am not studying or working in the JC Heritage Center,  I love to spend time with my seven grandchildren, write stories, cook and read.

Gwynne Demeuse


Hi! I’m Gwynne Demeuse. The Writing Fellows has helped me gain a better understanding of writing, while allowing me to build relationships and giving me a sense of community.

I am active in the JC Heritage Center Program and have worked with my community on many history projects. I am majoring in business administration. I chose this major because I love working with people. In my spare time I enjoy listening to podcasts, spending time with my niece and playing sports.

Abigail Frew


Hi!  My name is Abbey Frew! I am currently going through the nursing program here at JC. I’m an avid animal lover with a dog and bearded dragon at home. I hope to get my bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing to become a Nurse Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner. I am an SI leader and am a member of the JC Heritage Center. I look forward to helping my peers as others have helped me.

Cierra Graham


Hi! My name is Cierra Graham! I’m attending Jackson College in pursuit of an associate degree in Applied Science! My ultimate goal is a career in Graphic Design because it would allow me to express creativity while giving the opportunity to communicate with large groups of people through visual work.

The Writing Fellow Program helps prepare me for a future as a communicator by further improving my writing skills and introducing me to awesome new people. The opportunity to share learning experiences with my peers here at JC helps motivate me throughout each semester. When I’m not in the Writing Fellows room, I can often be found relaxing outdoors or in the company of a paint brush!   No worries!  We got this!

Morgan Linkous


Hi! My name is Morgan Linkous! I am currently studying science at JC and will soon be off to complete my bachelor’s degree in herbal sciences. One of my biggest passions is to help others achieve optimal well-being through natural methods and this study enables me to be the bridge between plants and human and animal health.

Apart from plant medicine, a significant hobby of mine is yoga and permaculture. Being a Writing Fellow has given me the power to guide others to reach answers on their own and to make everything a collective effort. Not only that, but I now know how to communicate my writings in a precise and academic manner.  You will, also — You got this!

Dameon Rhoads


Hello! My name is Dameon Rhoads. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in energy systems management offered here at Jackson College. In my free time, I enjoy hunting and fishing. I enjoy working on community projects in the JC Heritage Center and was Heritage Center Student of the Year in 2019.

This will be my fourth semester participating in the Writing Fellow program. Writing can seem like a daunting task, yet a session with any member of the Writing Fellow team will leave you with fresh ideas on how to tackle many academic papers. No worries!  You and I got this!

Sheryl Rose


Hi! I’m Sheryl. I have developed a joy for writing here at Jackson College. In addition to learning how to properly write a paragraph and an essay, my writing course taught me how to take apart a paragraph.  This skill has helped me to understand the textbook reading that is required of me, and I now study more effectively, and I comprehend the material in a way I never thought possible.

I look forward to working with you this semester. Two minds together are better than one We got this!

Kacy Utterback


Hi! My name is Kacy Utterback, and I am attending Jackson College to complete a degree in Business Administration. I plan to transfer to Sienna Heights University to complete my bachelor’s degree, and then finish my degree at the University of Michigan. Business has always been super important to my family, so I look forward to carrying on the tradition.

In my free time I love to design websites and help local businesses with their online presence. I am also part of the JC Heritage Center.  The Writing Fellow Program has been a positive experience that has allowed me to collaborate with peers to continue to grow as a writer. It is my pleasure to talk about writing with you!

Writing Tips

Using active verbs

To “comma” or not “to comma”

Creating a works cited page


The Writing Fellows mission is to help JC students become better thinkers, readers, and writers. Faculty support, individualized tutoring, and responsive reading all help our students understand writing as a recursive process. We believe that a writer can learn a good deal by talking to a sensitive and responsive reader before, during, and after writing and rewriting.

We adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Writing Fellows begin where the student is. Writing Fellows always start with the student’s concerns and needs, setting aside personal agendas or preferences.
  2. All students do their own work. Writing Fellows do not edit nor do they rewrite any portion of the tutees work. Writing Fellows suggests strategies for revision and editing, and they use sample papers and worksheets to help students understand individual revising and editing processes. Writing Fellows emphasize critical thinking or meta-thinking during tutoring sessions.
  3. Writing Fellows first address “higher order” concerns such as understanding the scope of the assignment, rhetorical mode or genre expectations, purpose and audience concerns, collection or invention techniques, and organizational strategies before they address “lower order” concerns such syntax, punctuation, usage and spelling. Writing Fellows stress that the point of the essay, report, or article drives the entire process.
  4. Writing Fellows adhere to the goal of independent learning, using redirection as a strategy. Writing Fellows do not attempt to solve all writing concerns in a single session or even in a semester. Their goal is to help peers become more confident and competent thinkers, readers and writers.


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