Move Add Change (MAC) Request Forms

Employee Office Move Request Policy (1904)

  • New Employee: New employee request forms shall be the responsibility of the immediate supervisor and when possible, shall be submitted one to two weeks prior to the new employee start date.
  • Self-Initiated Moves: Employees shall not move themselves. If employees move themselves Jackson College will no longer be in compliance with the Multi-line Telephone System (MLTS) rules.  Jackson College could be subject to fines if found out of compliance.
  • Denied Move Requests: MAC requests will be reviewed by and may be denied by the Chief Campus Operations Officer due to labor and budget constraints. Areas may also not have the required cabling infrastructure to provide telephone and network services. Office layouts shall best utilize structured cabling, power and furniture that is already in place. Offices shall not be set up in a way that places cabling of any kind along the floors or walking spaces that could create potential tripping or safety hazards.

The following MAC forms can be found on Employee Central:

  • New Employee
  • New Equipment
  • Departmental Move
  • Departmental Reconfigure
  • Single Office Move
  • Single Office Reconfigure
Move Add Change Request Forms