Keeping financial aid

Satisfactory Academic Policy

Students must achieve BOTH of the following standards:

  1. Completion of 67 percent (%) of ALL attempted credit hours.
  2. Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00. Attempted credit hours include grades of:
    P = Pass
    W = Withdrawal
    F = Fail
    I = Incomplete
    All other course grades (0.0 – 4.0).


A student enrolls for 15 credit hours, however, withdraws from 9 credits on the last day to withdraw. The student completes 6 credit hours with a 4.0 cumulative grade point average.

Academic Transcript Financial Aid Calculation
24 honor pts / 6 completed credit hrs = 4.0 GPA 6 completed credits/15 attempted credits = 40% completion

The student in this example is placed on academic warning status due to completing less than 67% of attempted credit hours.

Financial Aid Limits

  • Student may receive financial assistance until they have attempted 150% of the credits required for their program of study. The 90 credit hours reflect 150% of the credits required to complete a 60 credit hour associate degree program. Refer to the college catalog or consult with an student success navigator for the specific hours required in your associate or certificate program.
  • The maximum credit hour limit applies to all attempted credit hours taken at Jackson College and those transferred from other colleges/universities, even if the student did not receive financial assistance.
  • The highest grade will be used in the calculation of the grade point average.
  • All repeated courses will be counted against the maximum credit hour limit.

Financial Aid Appeal Process

Students may appeal their financial aid decision. Students must submit the appeal form with supporting documentation. Students must submit their written letter of appeal with supporting documentation (letters from doctors, lawyers, counselors, etc.) to the financial aid appeals committee.

The appeal will be reviewed by the financial aid appeals committee and students will be notified of the decision in writing.

Students wanting to appeal a financial aid decision, need to complete the Financial Aid Appeal Form.

Financial Aid Warning Status

Students not meeting the satisfactory academic progress policy are placed on warning status for one semester. To receive financial aid assistance beyond the warning period, the student must have a cumulative 2.00 or better financial aid grade point average and have successfully completed at least 67% of all attempted coursework.

Financial Aid Suspension Status

Students who do not meet the satisfactory academic progress policy after the warning status period are suspended from additional financial assistance. Students are ineligible for any assistance until, at their own expense, they have improved their cumulative grade point average and/or successful completion rate. Except under unusual circumstances, no financial aid is revoked without the student first being placed on warning status.

Repeating a course

A student may only repeat a previously passed course twice and receive financial aid.  Student may repeat a failed course until it is passed (with a 0.5 or higher grade). Repeated credits count toward maximum time frame. If a student is repeating coursework and receives a higher grade than their previous attempt, the prior attempt does not affect their cumulative GPA, but will be counted as attempted credit hours in the maximum time frame/pace calculation.