Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Board of Trustees. Total costs are determined by tuition based on the number of billing contact hours, the student fee and any course fees.

Estimated Cost of Attendance 2016-2017

This estimate is based on full-time tuition (in district; 16 credit hours), student service fees, estimated class fees, room, meal plan, and books/supplies. Actual costs may vary.

Costs Fall Winter Total
Tuition $2,160.00 $2,160.00 $4,320.00
Student Service Fee $640.00 $640.00 $960.00
Estimated Class Fee $156.00 $156.00 $312.00
Room $2,750.00 $2,750.00 $5,500.00
Meal Plan $1,150.00 $1,150.00 $2,300.00
Books and Supplies $861.00 $861.00 $1722.00
TOTAL $7,717.00 $7,717.00 $15,434.00

Tuition Per Contact Hour 2016-2017

This covers the actual cost of instruction. Tuition is paid per billing contact hour. Most classes carry from one to five billing contact hours.

District Cost
Jackson County resident (in-disctrict*) $135
Out of County $195
Out of State & International $270
Senior citizens (65 and older) $33.50
High School Dual Enrollment – Jackson County $135
High School Dual Enrollment – Non-Jackson County $195

* Jackson County residents include: Students whose permanent residence is in Albion, Cement City, Chelsea, Homer, Jerome, Leslie, Litchfield, Manchester and Stockbridge as these communities have been identified as being served by Jackson County school districts. (School of choice does not constitute permanent residency, and does not qualify for the in-district rate.) Residency is based on the student’s permanent address at the time of registration.

American Honors Program

District Cost
In-State $6,160 Annually ($3,080 per semester)
Out-of-State $13,205 Annually ($6,602.50 per semester)
International $12,996 Annually ($6,498 per semester)

Program Fee: $850 annually ($425 per semester)


$40.00 per billing contact hour. 
Covers costs associated with registration and grade reports. This fee is paid by all students each registration period.

Course fees are listed in the class schedule. These fees cover costs of consumable materials directly related to or used for the course, such as computer paper and science lab materials. This fee is paid on a per class basis.

The course fee for online courses are based on total billing contact hours for each course.  For example, an online course with 3 billing hours would carry one course fee of $158.

Online Billing Contact Hour Fee
1 billing contact hour course $85
2 billing contact hour course $122
3 billing contact hour course $158
3.5 billing contact hour course $176
4 or more billing contact hour course $196

Additional Tuition Information