2021 Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Carolina Kern

At age 18, Carolina Kern is on her own – but now, she has a team behind her. After a difficult home situation, Kern decided to become independent and moved out of her parents’ home.

Originally from Midland, Kern played softball for Meridian High School and with travel teams. She met Jets softball coach Jamie Vandenburgh who told her about the Jackson College Foundation and its available scholarships. Because Kern is an unadopted foster child, she qualified for the Stanton Scholarship, created a few years ago by the Stanton Foundation. This scholarship helps foster children who have aged out of the care system go to college. Kern found a new team, and much-needed support, at Jackson College.

“It all worked out for me, with the scholarship, moneywise, and opportunity-wise to experience college while still being on a budget,” she said.

Kern, a 2021 graduate, is studying law enforcement and hopes to continue her studies after Jackson College to complete a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Jessica Lawson

Jessica Lawson knows people are standing behind her in her education.

Lawson, in her 30s, returned to college as an adult after her husband’s heart attack changed their family situation. She needed to find a job that could financially support her family and include health benefits. While she considered teaching, the length of time it would take was just too much. She learned about the health care field of respiratory care from a cousin who teaches at Jackson College and learned that it focuses on the lungs and heart. Considering her husband’s health concerns, becoming an expert in the lungs and heart sounded appealing.

To help with college costs, she wanted to try every avenue, applying for scholarships wherever possible. With the Jackson College Foundation, the process was easy – one essay and application are all that’s necessary for a variety of scholarship opportunities. She received the Bies Family Scholarship, a huge benefit for her future.

“It was just awe-inspiring that somebody would donate on that level, on such a grand scale. It will pay for the rest of my school, so I don’t have to take more loans and don’t have to work a second job to pay for schooling,” she said. “This means I can graduate with a degree that gives me the opportunity to support my family. I’m also not going to graduate with a ton of debt starting out.

“It’s a huge honor to have won something.”

Jade Matteocci

Jade Matteocci has wanted to become a dental hygienist since her middle school days. Jackson College was close to home for this Chelsea High graduate, and the availability of the dental hygiene program made her choice clear.

“I really like my instructors; I feel like I’m learning from the best. They motivate me to be my best, too.”

While the dental hygiene program can be costly with necessary equipment to buy and related fees, receiving scholarship assistance goes a long way.

Zachary Meier

Zachary Meier loves playing baseball, and the opportunity to play for the Jets under Coach Rick Smith brought this 2020 Marysville High graduate to Jackson College.

Getting his start at Jackson College allows him to explore his interests and decide his future career. He is studying general education courses until he chooses a major program.

Scholarship assistance provides financial support to this busy student-athlete and will help eliminate debt after college.

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