2020 Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Gwynne Demeuse

Jackson College’s focus on students attracted Gwynne Demeuse. After dual enrolling in college classes while a Da Vinci High School student, she chose to continue at Jackson College because she appreciated the options available.

“I felt like there was a ton of opportunity centered around students. You weren’t just a number,” Demeuse said. Opportunities to get involved in the Writing Fellows and the Heritage Center history projects also helped her decision to attend the College. She is studying business administration and hopes to someday open her own daycare.

Receiving scholarship assistance from the Jackson College Foundation enables more options to get involved while attending classes. College classes also provide an escape from the everyday.

“It helped me to have greater flexibility and focus on school, along with allowing me to be more involved in the College (as opposed to working more hours). It means more than just providing a better future, and I also think education is an escape, a gateway from life.”

Hao Huynh 

Hao Huynh doesn’t back down from a challenge. Coming to the U.S. from Vietnam with his father in 2015, they moved to Jackson. He’s the first in his family to graduate high school and will be the first to earn a college degree.

A challenge came when he had to write a research paper for psychology. He worked with Dr. Ted Miller to understand research and how to cite sources correctly to avoid plagiarism. He now seeks out several professors. “I have a whole army at Jackson College to help me with editing!” He became a student ambassador at the International Student Institute in winter semester. When the pandemic hit, he was faced with another unknown – online learning.

“I was very concerned. I sent an e-mail to every professor I know; they said that we will do this, and we will get through this together. They clearly explained and told me what I should do.” In the future, he’d like to transfer to a university to study psychology and plans to become a Buddhist monk.

He is thankful for the scholarships he has received, which help him to reach his goals. “When I receive a scholarship, it’s like a gift to me, a very meaningful gift for my future. I spend it for school and for books; books can be expensive.”

Thai Johson

Thai Johnson of Adrian is focused on her future, and scholarship assistance from the Jackson College Foundation gives her breathing room while she works toward her goals.

Johnson has always loved going to the dentist. While at Madison High School, she completed the dental assistant program at the LISD TECH Center and job shadowed staff at a couple of dentists’ offices. She chose to attend Jackson College because of its affordability and the opportunity to enroll in the dental hygiene program.

She received the Bies Family Foundation Scholarship. “I’ve been working since I was 15 trying to save up; Mom was very disciplined about saving. Now, with the scholarship, I feel I can just breathe a little. I won’t have to work as much to be able to pay off my expenses.

“I am very thankful for it (scholarship). It’s hard to put into words. It gives me a breath of fresh air. I’ve been working in dental surroundings since I was a sophomore in high school, and I really am ambitious. Thank you for this, I am very determined to finish, nothing will be able to get me to stop.”

Amber Sixkiller

Tackling a challenging college nursing program while raising and homeschooling four young children, Amber Sixkiller is busy! With such a full load, she is very grateful for the help she received from a Jackson College Foundation scholarship.

Following in her grandmother’s and mother’s footsteps, Amber plans to become a registered nurse. She saw firsthand how helpful nurses are after the birth of her first child, so she hopes to work in obstetrics. The program is challenging, which again makes her grateful for the financial boost.

“I honestly am so thankful to the people who are willing to give to allow people like me to achieve my dreams. It’s hard enough with college, but when you have to worry about the money part of it, it can be stressful. Knowing that my last two semesters are covered gives me so much peace of mind going forward.”

“It’s hard to put into word how grateful I really am for it (scholarship). It also helped me to feel validated that someone saw my hard work. It was just amazing.”

Your support can help students through this tough time

Now more than ever, college students can benefit from a helping hand. Jackson College’s commitment to student success remains stronger than ever. That may mean lending help in a crisis so that overwhelmed students can focus on their education and come ready to learn.

The Jackson College Foundation has reached out with assistance in many forms. But the need is great. Donors’ support during this time can mean the difference between persisting and dropping out.

Would you consider a gift to help our students, as you are able? To donate, visit www.jccmi.edu/givenow or call 517.787.0244.