All HPF Students have access to the Weight Training and Conditioning Center.

Health and Physical Fitness Courses

Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
HPF 119 Introduction to Yoga 1

Participants will begin to develop yoga as a practice to facilitate lifelong skills enhancing physical, emotional and intellectual strength, flexibility and power. Emphasis is on conscious awareness and internal focus through asana practice, relaxation, body alignment and breathing techniques. Students are required to bring their own yoga mat.

HPF 141 Group Cycling 1

A fast paced, invigorating workout to music utilizing specialized “spinning” stationary exercise bikes. Students are able to exercise at their own pace. The class is designed for a wide range of fitness levels.

HPF 143 Yoga II 1 HPF 119

Participants develop yoga as a practice to facilitate lifelong skills, enhancing physical, emotional and intellectual strength, flexibility and power. The course emphasizes conscious awareness and internal focus through asana practice, body alignment, breathing techniques, relaxation and beginning meditation. Students are required to bring their own yoga mat.

HPF 160 Wellness 1 ENG 085*

Learn the theoretical and practical relationship of lifestyle to productivity. Students examine attitudes and behaviors that enhance quality of life and maximize personal potential. Students have opportunities for self-evaluation.

HPF 161 Personalized Fitness 1

A self-paced program in which students exercise independently in a JC supervised lab. Instructor’s guidance is available to develop an individualized plan to achieve personal health and fitness goals.

HPF 168 Weight Training & Conditioning 1

Includes both didactic and practical application of the principles of comprehensive exercise. Learn about the multi-dimensional components of exercise including cardiovascular, flexibility and body composition. Special focus is placed on muscular strength and endurance within the context of a wellness perspective.

HPF 169 Aerobic Rhythms 1

Students at various fitness levels participate in a choreographed exercise/dance and step class for the improvement of cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility.

HPF 173 Sports Matters 3

Students examine the changes and challenges in the field of sport and exercise today for the individual and society, including ethics and values, gender, ethnicity, leadership and politics.

HPF 182 Light Walking 1

Use walking to develop cardiovascular fitness and lose weight. This course emphasizes both muscular endurance and flexibility.

HPF 186 Weight Training & Wellness 3 ENG 085*

The principle course focus is that of self-responsibility for well-being. Concentration is on aspects of wellness and conditioning that can be personally controlled and changed. Included are didactic and practical applications of principles for a comprehensive conditioning and wellness program in the context of creating a healthy lifestyle from a wellness perspective.

HPF 221 Jazz Techniques 3 Beginner to intermediate level class exploring contemporary jazz and modern dance techniques. Includes an introduction to the fundamentals of choreography, exploration of the elements of dance, and history of dance.


HPF 268 Advanced Weight Training 2 HPF 168 or HPF 186

Participate in fitness evaluations and individually prescribed programs designed to develop strength, aerobic endurance and flexibility.

HPF 277 Stress Management 2 ENG 085*

Examine current information and techniques related to stress management. Students learn basic concepts and skills related to the holistic management of stress.

HPF 283 Managing Stress and Holistic Health 3 ENG 085* and ENG 090*

This course provides students with a holistic approach to health focusing on competencies to manage stress. Students learn the relationship of lifestyle to their health. Through the reflective use of specific skills, tools and new knowledge students have an increased opportunity to enhance their lives and the lives of those around them.


Lifetime Learning  Courses

LTL 520 Beginning Yoga
LTL 525 Pilates
LTL 539 Spinning
LTL 561 Personalized Fitness
LTL 569 Extreme Cross Training
LTL 570 Body Sculpt
LTL 582 Light Walking
LTL 585 Circuit Training