Cindy Allen

We see our impact through our students and community. It is this belief and awareness that drive the College’s innovation and Total Commitment to Student Success (TCS2), recognized as a benchmark throughout the state and nation. You will find, through our employees, we emphasize a positive, productive and growth-focused work environment, fostering a sense of community and trust in which every individual is respected and valued. We take pride in the supporting relationships we make with our students and each other. Every day we work together to create opportunities for students and to support them and each other along the way. The College strives to employ individuals who share these values and who live them every day.

I welcome you to be part of an organization that not only works toward excellence in higher education but contributes to a kinder, caring world. Challenging times have shined a light on difficulties that many of our students and employees face each day. As a College, we are committed to educating ourselves to understand our students and our neighbors better, so all can succeed in their educational goals.

There is no place at Jackson College for bias, hate and unkind actions. The College is committed to tearing down obstacles that have blocked the paths of too many and increasing understanding of all. This is accomplished through innovation, cooperation and examination at all levels.

We change lives.

Explore these pages to learn what a great place Jackson College is. If this purposeful work aligns with your personal values and beliefs, we welcome you to apply to become part of the Jackson College team.

Cynthia S. Allen
Chief Operating Officer