Jackson College serves

Jackson College cares for its communities.

Twice each year, Jackson College employees head out of their offices and classrooms en masse and offer hands-on service to better our communities. Employees have read to school children and worked on projects in area elementary schools. They have cleaned up parks, roadsides, beaches and cemeteries in our tri-county area. Employees have spruced up grounds at the Cascades Humane Society, Dahlem Center and visited with residents at the John George Home. They have taken to the Falling Waters Trail to clear brush and trees away to offer unobstructed views. Volunteers give about 1,000 hours per year through these convocation projects. In addition, College employees give back individually to the groups and causes that are closest to their hearts. Over the past year, employees contributed 9,425 hours at 226 different organizations, 77 percent of which took place in our local service area. Using an estimated value of public service hours, that equates to a community benefit of about $282,703.

Why give back? Our employees are part of our communities – we live, work and raise families here, and we want to give back. They know we all benefit from healthy, vibrant communities and want to be part of the effort.


We demonstrate service by striving to make the communities we serve great places to live, work and learn through our involvement, both as an organization and as individuals.

– Jackson College Values

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