Professional Development

JC uses professional development to train and develop all faculty, staff, and administrators to contribute fully and effectively throughout their careers and to reinforce this training JC has made professional development a priority. JC has several professional development opportunities available throughout the year, and has designated three days each year for institution-wide professional development. These days usually include a keynote presentation, break-out sessions, and the president’s State of the College address. Some days have a specific institution wide focus while other times a variety of topics are offered and employees elect sessions based on their interests. The academic calendar includes seven additional days during which faculty participate in learning activities. These days feature speakers, presentations, workshops and training opportunities that are planned by the Faculty Professional Development committee.

Employee Training Opportunities

Employee professional development opportunities are listed on Employee Central.

Employee Professional Development  Faculty Professional Development

Student Training Opportunities

Required online training for all Jackson College Students:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination in the workplace

Directions on completing the training:

If you are interested in completing additional training:

  • Scroll to “Interested in Extra Training?”
  • Click the arrow for more courses
  • Browse the available library of online courses