Data Governance Committee


  • Identify, establish and oversee the strategy, objectives and policies intended to ensure the quality of critical data, focusing primarily on those data used for compliance reporting to external agencies
  • Align the college’s data management practices and usage policies to allow for two-way data and information flow across systems and offices, departments and divisions
  • Align external compliance reporting instructions, data definitions, and requirements to the data entry, aggregation, and coding of the college’s data
  • Establish and maintain a data definition dictionary and coding standards for the college’s critical external compliance and internal operations reporting requirements and use by Webi super-users
  • Identify, establish and oversee processes for data corrections at the data-entry level and back-ground data that are based on established data definitions and standards
  • Define, develop and document data metrics, and changes to the metrics, used in external and internal reporting, e.g., Balanced Scorecard, Achieving the Dream, Voluntary Framework for Accountability, BCH reports, persistence/retention reports, etc.


Shelah Amburgey
Zak McNitt
Renee Fleming
Kelly Chambers
Marcella Clone
Char Finnegan
Amy Miler
Elizabeth Andrews
Karen Harris
Shannon Fisher
Julie Hand