Digital Textbooks

Jackson College has partnered with BibliU, a digital eTextbook provider, to provide our students personal access to their essential digital texts and resources. The BibliU platform allows users to read online and download (through the BibliU apps) on multiple devices. Students can make notes, highlight text, search for keywords, mark their favorite most used books and use accessibility features such as Text to Speech.

Find your Textbooks

  • Can I opt-out of BibliU

    Students may opt out of BibliU and  secure their textbook from another vendor by filling out the form in the opt-out section on this page. If a student decides to opt-out, it will apply to all classes for the entire semester.

  • What is my deadline for opting out?

    Students may have until the add/drop (census) date of their earliest starting class to opt out or back in.  To review a complete listing of courses by semester, please visit the Academic Calendar.

  • How does BibliU work?

    This playlist of videos provides an overview of all of the key aspects of using BibliU textbooks.

  • How much does BibliU cost?

    Currently BibliU has approximately 90 percent of all required textbooks in a digital format. Cost to students for the digital format/or text books for the remaining 10 percent non-digital is $70 per class (this price will not include required supplies). If students wish to have a book for a class that is available digitally, they may opt out and secure their textbook from another vendor. If a student decides to opt-out, it will apply to all classes for the entire semester.

  • How do I access my textbooks?

    For texts available in a digital format, students will be able to access them on BibliU or the publisher’s website. Students should first log into My Courses, navigate to their course and then click on the BibliU or publisher link, depending on which one is displayed under their  course. If a book is accessible via BibliU, the built-in reader can be used for a number of learning and accessibility features such as being able to download whole texts for offline reading, color code, add notes, use the text-to-speech feature, instantly create bibliographic citations, change fonts and background colors, and many more.

Opt-Out of BibliU

Use the form link below to opt-out, or back into the textbook program. If a student does not opt-out using this form, they will be opted in to the textbook program. Students who opt-out will have the textbook fee credited to their student account after the add/drop date for each semester. Your opt-out selection is for your entire semester schedule. You cannot opt-out and opt-in to individual courses. You must opt-out of the textbook program each semester.

Opt-out dates are determined by a student’s schedule and earliest start date.

Opt out of the Textbook Program