LPN to AAS-N (Bridge Transition) Admission Assessment

Students must apply for admission to the TNUR.AAS-N program and must do so by the application deadline. Admission is Competitive. There Is No Guarantee of Admission Regardless of Completion of Minimum Course Requirements or Point Rubric Total. It is the student’s responsibility to understand and adhere to the specific admission criteria. Admission is based on a point system which factors in the GPA of required courses, past educational achievements or certifications, and academic history. In addition, to the NLN Foundations (NACE1) and Pharmacology exams, the Kaplan entrance exam and Health Assessment practicum must be taken, and decision scores achieved. Students with the highest points will be admitted based on space availability. The selection process is subject to change.

NLN Exams Required for Admission to Jackson College Transition Program

  • H-NRF Foundations of Nursing (NACE1) for HyFlex Exam. Cost: $80
  • ACH-RN-PCN ACH RN Pharmacology in Clinical Nursing for HyFlex Exam. Cost: $38

Register and Pay for the NLN Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I receive my score?

    Exams are scored electronically. Students can run an NLN Student Score Report which will provide results by the date of examination through the testing services program.

  • How do I register and pay for the NLN Admission Assessment Tests?

    Students will register with NLN and purchase their exams (they can be purchased at the same time or separately). Proctoring is available 24 hours per day/7days per week. Students log on, are required to do an environmental scan, and are put into a lockdown browser. Participants do not need to pre-schedule when they want to take each test.

    Students will purchase the exam in the NLN Online Store and pay by credit card, PayPal, or ACH.

    NLN Exams Required for Admission to Jackson College Transition Program

    • H-NRF Foundations of Nursing (NACE1) for HyFlex Exam. Cost: $80
    • ACH-RN-PCN ACH RN Pharmacology in Clinical Nursing for HyFlex Exam. Cost: $38

    Register and Pay for the NLN Exam

  • How do I prepare for the NLN Admissions Tests?

    Students are encouraged to review the topics of patients for the Foundations of Nursing exam:

    • Basic Health Needs (Physiologic Needs, Psychosocial Needs)
    • Communication
    • General Principles of Medication Administration
    • Moral/Ethical/Legal Issues

    NLN Pharmacology Exam Guide:


    Please remember this is about 1/3 of the pharmacology exam. It may be beneficial for you to practice calculations and/or review a nursing math book to help prep. You may not have used all the calculation methods recently. Questions may include one or more type of calculation.


    1. READ CAREFULLY. Always be sure you know what the result should be (mg, pills, ml,etc.). This can help you select the correct formula and eliminate unnecessary information.
    2. Double (and triple) check actual math. Did you clear the calculator correctly?
    3. Does the answer make sense?
    4. There are both adult and pediatric calculations.
    5. Watch ‘per dose’, ‘per day’.
    6. How you calculate the answer does not matter (desired over have, ratio: proportion, etc.); accuracy does.

    Principles of Pharmacology

    These include the basics!


    1. Routes of administration – benefits and problems
    2. Sizes of needles and syringes for injections
    3. Six Rights of Medication Administration; Three Checks
    4. Side effects; adverse effects; paradoxical reactions; toxicity; antagonists
    5. Half‐life calculation
    6. Allergic or hypersensitivity reactions
    7. Absorption, metabolism, distribution and excretion
    8. There may be questions on lab values as relevant.
    9. There are pediatric and adult questions. 10. Immunosuppression precautions (due to meds for cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc.)

    Medication Effects

    There is a bit of an overlap here with Principles of Pharmacology. These questions tend to be medication (or classification) specific. There are many medications on the test, and many could be. As applicable, both brand and generic names are used. Most medications addressed are either high usage or high risk.

    Areas to know:

    1. Use, dose, side effects, contraindications
    2. Since there are a limited number of questions, not all medications are addressed. You may be asked to select which medication would be given for a diagnosis. When studying, focus on the classifications – this may enable you to answer without knowing the actual medication.
    1. Focus on what are the major side effects of a medication or class? What makes it high risk? Why might one med be used other than another?
    2. Patient teaching is a major focus. What would you tell the patient about the medication? What would indicate understanding? What would indicate need for further teaching.
  • How many times can I take the NLN Admission Examinations?

    The NLN Admission Assessment Tests must be successfully completed as one condition of admission to the Nursing Program. If either test is failed, there must be a minimum of 30 days before the second attempt to allow for remediation. If the second attempt, is failed thereafter, there must be a minimum of one year between attempts to allow for remediation, or the student may elect to apply for admission in the AAS-N generic entry option.

  • When should I take the NLN Admissions Assessment Exams?

    Students should plan on taking the NLN Admission Assessments by the time of submission of application. Spring semester beginning in January, by October 1; Fall semester beginning in August, by May 31; applicants should plan to test to allow enough time for remediation and retesting if requisite scores of 75 are not achieved.

    The NLN Admissions Tests must be completed by:

    • May 31: for Fall AAS-N applicants
    • October 1: for Spring AAS-N applicants
  • Why do I have to take the NLN Admissions Assessment Exams?

    The NLN Admissions Tests are designed to assess an applicant’s academic readiness and aids in predicting performance success in the AAS-N nursing program. Achieving the required cut scores for the NLN Admissions exams affords students 11 Competency Based Education (CBE) credits towards the AAS-N Degree. Students who do not meet standard scores of 75 or higher on each respective exam after two attempts must apply for admission in the AAS-N generic entry option. There is no guarantee of admission regardless of completion of minimum course requirements or point rubric total. Admission is competitive.

  • What are the NLN Foundations and Pharmacology Exams?

    Foundations of Nursing contains questions involving clients who have common health problems. The Nursing Process (Assessing, Analyzing, Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating) is applied in items throughout the test. Questions include a sampling of situations involving clients in healthcare settings across the spectrum of long-term, acute, chronic, rehabilitative and end of life conditions.

    Pharmacology exams are composed of questions and trail questions where students being tested will not be aware of which is which. Content is divided in three areas on the exam: calculations, principles of medication administration and medication effects.

  • What should I expect when taking the Assessment?

    The NLN Foundation of Nursing for Hyflex and ACH RN Pharmacology in Clinical Nursing for Hyflex Admission Tests are secured assessments that will be administered on a computer in a proctored online environment. Prior to the beginning of the assessment, students must agree with the terms and conditions of the posted Examinee Agreement, pg. 26. This agreement means that students will access the assessment in a responsible, ethical, secure, and civil manner as listed in the bulleted items of the Testing Environment / Workspace Requirements found on pg. 23-24. A calculator is available on the screen, which is to be used for math calculations, pg. 33. There are no permitted resources including pencils, scrap paper, external personal calculators.

    See page 22 for identification requirements prior to the exam and the list of unacceptable documents. Students will not be allowed to sit for the exam without a picture ID and receipt of purchase. Your first and last names must match the name on your NLN testing account you created. The photo must be clearly recognizable as you.

    See pages 31-33 for information on how to navigate an assessment question-by-question assessment on separate pages. To move between questions, you can use the assessment navigator which allows you to select a question in an assessment without having to navigate through questions one at a time.