Liberal Arts Pathway

Careers in the Liberal Arts Pathway are related to the humanities and performing, visual, literary, and media arts. These include 3-D design and animation; art, broadcasting, communication, dance, digital photography, English (journalism, writing, and literature), film, graphic design, history, music, pre-law, and world languages.

Are you a creative thinker? Are you imaginative, innovative, and original? Do you like to communicate ideas? Do you like making crafts, drawing, playing a musical instrument, taking photos, or writing stories? This may be the career path for you!

3D Design & Animation

Multimedia designers and animators — artists who create animation for video games and other media — are in demand. Create special effects, animation, or other visual images using video, computers, film or other electronic media for use in computer games, movies, music videos and commercials.


Artists create art to communicate ideas, thoughts or feelings. They use a variety of methods: painting, sculpting or illustration and an assortment of materials including watercolors, acrylics, pastels, pencils, pen and ink, plaster, clay and computers.

Associate in Applied Science

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is a two-year undergraduate degree similar to the Associate of Arts (AA) and the Associate of Science (AS) degree. The AAS degree is designed for students who intend to enter the workforce immediately following graduation from their program.

Associate in Arts

An Associate of Arts degree provide students a general liberal arts education that prepares them for a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year college or university. It provides students with a foundational education in liberal arts.

Associate in General Studies

This degree is for students who want to plan their own program of study not defined by a specific job or career. The degree’s flexibility allows the creation of a unique learning experience, such as combining the student’s JC experience with other academic institutions or community organizations.


The Communication Associate in Arts pre-baccalaureate degree is designed for students to transfer seamlessly to a baccalaureate institution and major in an area such as Mass Communication or Journalism. Communication students apply fundamental communication concepts by creating media content, crafting messages for business, government, and education organizations, and analyzing relationships between individuals and organizations.

Digital Photography

Photographers use their technical expertise to photograph people, landscapes, merchandise, or other subjects. They use their technical expertise, creativity, and composition skills to produce and preserve images that visually tell a story or record an event.


The study of English lends itself to a wide variety of careers. The ability to read and write well and express one’s self is essential to many fields. Many transfer institutions require that English majors have proficiency in a foreign language.

Graphic Design

Graphic design careers encompass a broad range of tasks, but all are designed to communicate something to others. Graphic designers create images and artwork to announce events, promote products, services or ideas, explain or demonstrate useful information.


History examines the lives of people and the consequences of ideas. Study of the past reveals valuable achievements as well as dreadful mistakes, and in so doing helps us meet the unexpected challenges of our own day.


Musicians and singers play instruments or sing for live audiences and in recording studios. The Music Department at Jackson College is very important to JC, students, and the community. It is our intention to encourage students to pursue music as a vocation, or an important life-long avocation.


Pre-law is a major often selected by students interested in pursuing careers in government or law. Lawyers advise and represent individuals, businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes.