Phi Theta Kappa at Jackson College

All-Michigan Academic Team

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honorary society for students of two-year colleges.  The society is comprised of more than 1100 chapters internationally.  Each chapter is given its own Greek name to distinguish itself from the other chapters.  Jackson College’s chapter name is Alpha Rho Lambda. Phi Theta Kappa is centered around four hallmarks: Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship and Service.

Members of Phi Theta Kappa are able to apply for scholarships, utilize exclusive benefits and have lifetime membership.  Phi Theta Kappa does not require its members to be involved with their chapter.  This means that each member can choose to be involved to whatever level they choose.  We have members who simply accept their membership and apply for scholarships, as well as members who are chapter officers and go on to become regional officers.

For more information, contact our Chapter Advisor, Martha Petry or send any questions to the chapter officer team,

Accept Your Invitation   Chapter Bylaws

How to Join Phi Theta Kappa

Twice a year, letters of invitation to join our chapter are e-mailed and mailed out. You can only join if you’ve received a letter. If you have not received an invitation but meet the criteria (see below), contact us.

Criteria for Joining

In addition to meeting membership eligibility requirements as states in Article IV and Chapter 1 of the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws, each candidate for membership must have completed 12 (twelve) credit hours of course work with a minimum cumulative grade point average of a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, adhere to the school conduct code and possess recognized qualities of citizenship. Grades for courses completed at other institutions will not be considered when determining membership eligibility. A cumulative grade point average of 3.25 must be maintained to remain in good standing with the Chapter*. An academic probation period of one semester will be granted if a student’s cumulative grade point average falls below a 3.25.

*Failure to maintain the required cumulative grade point average will result in the member’s good standing to be withdrawn. As stated in Chapter I, Section 3 of the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws, failure to meet good standing requirements will result in the revocation of membership and all membership privileges.

Complete Your Application Online

Within your invitation (either by mail or email), you received an invitation code.  If you have lost your code or did not receive a code please contact us here.  To complete your application and accept membership, go to the Phi Theta Kappa website. One you arrive at the website, click on the blue box on the right side of the screen labeled “Accept Membership” and complete your application online. Your one-time payment of $95 will also be made online. This is a lifetime membership fee.

Membership Benefits

Members of Phi Theta Kappa may apply for more than $36 million in transfer scholarships, provided exclusively to society members by more than 600 senior institutions.

Current Scholarship List

Phi Theta Kappa offers programs to their members including CollegeFish, and Five Star Competitive Edge.  For more information, check out the Resources and Programs tab to the left.

Members may connect to find cutting-edge services, programs and resources selected especially to meet their needs. The benefits, available to members free of charge, include:

  • Special offers from Phi Theta Kappa Partners.
  • Press release announcing your membership, sent electronically to a newspaper of your choice.
  • Letter of recommendation sent to a college admissions counselor or scholarship official.
  • Letter of recommendation sent to a potential employer.
  • All members of Phi Theta Kappa receive the prestigious Golden Key Membership Pin.
  • All members of Phi Theta Kappa receive the impressive Certificate of Membership.
  • All members of Phi Theta Kappa receive a wallet-size Identification Card.
  • Members of Phi Theta Kappa may affix the Society’s Gold Diploma Seal, denoting Society membership, to their two-year college diploma.

Officer Information & Forms

2017-2018 Chapter Officer Team

  • Chapter Advisor:  Martha Petry
  • Chapter President:  Nicole Cossum-Ready
  • Vice President of Leadership:  Brian Alcenius
  • Vice President of Communications: Nana Ellis
  • Vice President of Scholarship:  Paula Mikulen
  • Vice President of Service:  position open
  • Alumni Representative:  Robert Lombrana
  • Public Relations/Historian:  position open
  • Co-Vice President of JC@LISD Tech:  Barbara Barber
  • Co-Vice President of JC@LISD Tech:  Brianna Boley
  • Vice President of LeTarte Center/Hillsdale: Tonia Elliott

Awards for Chapter Members

  • 2017 All-Michigan Academic Team : Grace Biddinger
  • 2017 All-Michigan Academic Team : Loren Hall
  • 2017 Jackson College PTK Leadership Award: Olivia Gilbert
  • 2017 Jackson College PTK Leadership Award: Nicole Cossum-Ready
  • 2016 Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Finalist : Nicole Cossum-Ready
  • 2016 All-Michigan Academic Team : Todd Roberts
  • 2016 All-Michigan Academic Team : Nicole Cossum-Ready
  • 2015-2016 Michigan Regional President : Shane Stevens
  • 2015 All-Michigan Academic Team : Shane Stevens
  • 2013 All-Michigan Academic Team: Steven Wood, Carrie Timmerman
  • 2012 All-Michigan Academic Team: Christina Peltier
  • 2011 All-Michigan Academic Team: Candice Graham, Robert Lombrano
  • 2010 All-Michigan Academic Team: Mara Wierzbicki
  • 2009 All-Michigan Academic Team : Daniel Hovater, Kim Stairs
  • 2008 Outstanding Phi Theta Kappa Officers: Monica Rasmussen, Michael Caligiuri
  • 2008 Coca-Cola Scholar: Amanda Thiel
  • 2008 All-Michigan Academic Team : Michael Caligiuri, John Parker, Patricia Hartmann
  • 2007 New Century Scholar for Michigan: P. Kelley Emerson
  • 2007 All-Michigan Academic Team : P. Kelley Emerson, Emily Wunsch
  • 2007 All-USA Academic Team  – 1st Team: P. Kelley Emerson

2017 Phi Theta Kappa Awards

  • Alpha Rho Lambda named 5-Star Chapter
  • Top 100 Chapters
  • Distinguished College Project Award
  • Alumni Award of Appreciation – Karen Marler
  • Michigan Region Continued Excellence Advisor – Martha Petry
  • Michigan Region Distinguished Chapter Officer – Nicole Cossum-Ready
  • Michigan Region First Runner Up Distinguished Chapter

2016 Phi Theta Kappa Awards

  • Alpha Rho Lambda named 5-Star Chapter
  • Top 100 Chapters
  • The Distinguished College Project Award — The Institutional Launch of CollegeFish
  • Distinguished Region Award
  • Distinguished College Administrator Award — Charlotte Finnegan
  • Alumni Award of Appreciation — Robert Lombrana

2015 Phi Theta Kappa Awards

  • Alpha Rho Lambda named 5-Star Chapter
  • Top 100 Chapters
  • Distinguished Honors in Action Theme and Project Award
  • Distinguished College Project Award
  • Distinguished Advisor Award—Martha Petry
  • Distinguished Chapter Officer Team
  • Distinguished Region Award

2014 Phi Theta Kappa Awards

  • Alpha Rho Lambda named 5-Star Chapter
  • Shirley B. Gordon Award of Distinction presented to Jackson College President Dr. Daniel J. Phelan
  • Distinguished Region Award

2013 Phi Theta Kappa Awards

  • Alpha Rho Lambda named 5-Star Chapter
  • The Distinguished College Project Award — Culture of Competition, Lessening the Fear: Helping Students Register Online and Acclimate to our Community College Culture
  • 2013 Paragon Award for Distinguished New Advisor: Martha Petry
  • Distinguished Region Award

2012 Phi Theta Kappa Awards

  • Alpha Rho Lambda named 4-Star Chapter
  • Top 100 Chapters
  • The Distinguished Honors in Action Theme Award – Theme 3: #1 in The Individual & the Community;
  • The Democratization of Information:Power, Peril, and Promise.
  • Distinguished Honors in Action Project Award
  • Distinguished Region Award

Award Descriptions

Distinguished Honors in Action Theme Award
Honors in Action recognizes chapters whose Honors in Action project award entries scored highest in each of the themes related to the Honors Study Topic.

Distinguished Honors in Action Project Award
The Honors in Action Project Award recognizes the top chapters whose Honors in Action Project entries demonstrated excellence in academic research into the Honors Study Topic, leadership roles and leadership development activities, service learning and collaboration.

Distinguished College Project Award
The purpose of the College Project is to establish a supportive relationship between the chapter and the college administration. College Projects are agreed upon by the chapter officer team and a college administrator.

Distinguished Region Award
The Distinguished Region Awards recognize achievements of regions in areas of programming and organizational structure. Criteria include quality of regional programming, especially demonstrated leadership and/or Honors in Action programming at regional meetings; overall strength of chapters in the region,; membership growth; and the quantity and quality of chapter participation in such programming as the Five Star Chapter Development Plan and Hallmark Awards.

Paragon Award for New Advisors
New advisors are recognized for significant contributions to the growth of individual members, service as the chapter’s advocate on campus and encouraging the chapter to be involved on the local, regional and/or international levels of PhiTheta Kappa. Advisors are nominated by chapter members.

Shirley B. Gordon Award of Distinction
College presidents are selected for this award on the basis of outstanding efforts given toward promoting the goals of Phi Theta Kappa.

Phi Theta Kappa Resources

Phi Theta Kappa Programs

Phi theta Kappa offers programs to their members to build their personal and professional development.  These activities are tools available to members, they are meant to enhance the membership experience and help members reach their goals.  The level of participation is chosen by the individual member.

CollegeFish.orgTransferring to a four-year university is an important and sometimes challenging aspect of your educational career. is your search for the best college and universities that meet your criteria. connects your preferences about size, location, majors, cost and other details that matter to you.  Review the recommended matches, apply to available scholarships and open the door to a world of opportunity.

Five Star Competitive Edge
This professional development is a self-guided five step course.  With the completion of each step, the member earns one star. Members learn life skills and develop an online portfolio to showcase when transferring, applying for scholarships or careers.  The work that is completed by the member is used when requesting a reference letter from Phi Theta Kappa headquarters.

Community College Completion Corps
A student led initiative to raise awareness of the importance of completing college.  College completion not only enhances the lives of the students but builds the communities they serve.

Honors in Action
An exclusive Phi Theta Kappa program designed for intellectual growth and challenge.  This program creates opportunities to learn and lead through advocacy and service.

Nota Bene Anthology
Nota Bene is a literary competition for Phi Theta Kappa members.  Prizes include cash awards and publication opportunities.

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