The message is out: Communication vital for any career choice

Can you name a career field where being a good communicator is not important?

Communication involves the study of how people express themselves and interact. Good communication skills are useful in all career fields. Studying communications can prepare you for any pursuit, honing your speaking and writing skills for your professional and personal interactions.

Communications, for transfer or career

Prepare for success in a variety of communication-based fields and for university transfer with Jackson College’s Associate in Arts in Communication degree. Develop your skills with courses in public speaking, interpersonal relationships, intercultural communication and small group communication. Students will apply fundamental communication concepts to create media content, craft messages for various organizations, and analyze relationships between individuals and organizations.

Degree & transfer opportunities

After completing the 60-hour associate degree, students may transfer to a university of their choice to continue work toward a bachelor’s degree in communications, where they will typically pick a track for their degree, such as business communication, health communication, journalism, marketing and advertising, or public relations.

Communication is also an excellent choice for an academic minor. The five core classes are equally accepted for the communication minor at many universities. Some common major/minor pairings with communication include business, political science, sociology, anthropology, psychology, theatre, legal studies, English, world languages and computer science.

As an academic discipline, the study of communication dates back centuries, to the study of rhetoric through public speaking and oratory. Communications has grown in response to society’s attempts to understand political landscapes and social trends. With the continuing evolution of technology, mass communication has become the primary tool for sharing information globally.

With an associate degree, students may find work in a variety of fields, such as a marketing technician, social media coordinator, advertising, any office setting and more.

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