Artists create art to communicate ideas, thoughts or feelings. They use a variety of methods: painting, sculpting or illustration and an assortment of materials including watercolors, acrylics, pastels, pencils, pen and ink, plaster, clay and computers. Visual artists’ works may be realistic, stylized or abstract and may depict objects, people, nature or events.

student in art class

Jackson College Offers the following program options:

Get Started

Formal schooling is not always required for artists, though many take classes or earn college degrees to help improve their skills and job prospects. Student artists may build their foundational art skills and expand their portfolio with a mix of studio classes, including drawing, painting, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, printmaking, ceramics and photography. Curriculum encourages individual creativity and expression while emphasizing the development of basic studio skills. With a studio art certificate, student may get a start in the field and complete the equivalent of one year of full-time study, 30 credits, and earn a credential that they may take to an employer or use toward further study.

Job Opportunities

Fine artist, craft artist, photographer. With further study, careers in commercial art, graphic design or teacher education are possible.


$44,850 for fine artists, including painters, sculptors, and illustrators. $29,600 for craft artists. $59,840 for all other artists and related workers

Career Outlook

Employment of fine artists is expected to grow about 4 percent in the coming years. Competition is strong, with a large number of qualified candidates.