The study of English lends itself to a wide variety of careers. The ability to read and write well and express one’s self is essential to many fields. Many transfer institutions require that English majors have proficiency in a foreign language. The level of this proficiency varies – some require third-semester proficiency but more require fourth semester proficiency.

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With the variety of careers available, educational paths vary. Writers typically have at least an associate degree in English or composition, while further study may offer more experience. Editors typically have a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism or English. Be sure to check the transfer status of English classes with the university of your choice.

Job Opportunities

Careers such as writing, teaching, library science, editing and publishing are directly related to specific studies in English language and literature. English is an excellent pre-law major.


Writers and authors, $55,940

Career Outlook

The range of careers varies. For writers and authors, employment is expected to grow 3 percent.