A successful entrepreneur is someone who identifies specific needs in the world around them and then creatively implements strategies for meeting those needs. Some may start their own business venture, while others may work within a larger organization.


Jackson College Offers the following program options:

Get Started

Entrepreneurs come from all backgrounds, but all must be comfortable with taking risks, and all are innovators, generating new ideas. Jackson College now offers associate degree or certificate programs in entrepreneurship. Students will identify their own driving passion, their distinctive talents, and to help them put together a thorough plan for transforming their ideas into reality.

Job Opportunities

Entrepreneurs can be found in all sorts of places. Not only do they start and operate successful for-profit and non-for-profit ventures, they work as change agents in organizations that were started by others.


Income will vary depending on the job and location. All entrepreneurs should expect some wait time for businesses to become established before seeing a profit, and should have a plan for resources to tide them over. Many of the world’s wealthiest people are entrepreneurs, while many other people have lost money on entrepreneurial ventures.

Career Outlook

Entrepreneurs create their own path. Education in business will help them be successful.