History examines the lives of people and the consequences of ideas. Study of the past reveals valuable achievements as well as dreadful mistakes, and in so doing helps us meet the unexpected challenges of our own day. The study of history helps students learn to think with rigor, to write with clarity and precision, to organize and assess evidence, to analyze problems and interpret complex events.

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The study of history is vital to any liberal arts education. For those interested in the field of history specifically, job opportunities may be available with museums, historical societies, research organizations, and consulting firms. Most of these positions require advanced study, such as a master’s or even a doctoral degree. Jackson College offers a variety of classes in history. Be sure to check the transfer status of classes with the university of your choice.

Job Opportunities

Those who study history may find work in a variety of fields, as lawyers, librarians, business, writers, archivists, researchers, teachers, politicians and entertainers.


Median wage for historians was $52, 480.

Career Outlook

Employment is projected to grow 6 percent through 2022.