Musicians and singers play instruments or sing for live audiences and in recording studios. The Music Department at Jackson College is very important to JC, students, and the community. It is our intention to encourage students to pursue music as a vocation, or an important life-long avocation.

Band members at a concert

Jackson College Offers the following degree options:

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There are no educational requirements for musicians and singers interested in performing popular music; talent and experience are helpful. Many performers of classical music and opera have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Music teachers or band directors have a bachelor’s degree in music education.

Music students have access to Jackson College’s incredible performing arts complex, the George E. Potter Center. Students who qualify can study and perform with the Community Chorale and the Community Concert Band. These provide valuable concert experiences as well as academic credit.

Admittance to a four-year college music program is highly competitive and requires an audition. It is recommended that students contact their intended transfer institution during their first year to schedule an audition time.

Jackson College offers a variety of classes in music and performance opportunities. Be sure to check the transfer status of music classes with the university of your choice.

Job Opportunities

The study of music may lead to many occupations, the most obvious being a vocalist or musical entertainer. Others include songwriting, music teacher, music therapist, conductor, music critic or music librarian. Some music majors work on the business side of the industry and become agents or store owners.


Median hourly wages, $23.50 per hour.

Career Outlook

Employment of musicians and singers is expected to grow 5 percent through 2022.