Canceled Classes, Drops & Withdrawals

Canceled Classes
You will receive a 100 percent refund for any class canceled by Jackson College.

You will receive a 100 percent tuition refund for any class you drop on or before the last day of the ADD/DROP period for the semester or session. No refunds will be made after this date. Student service fees are not refundable.

W – Withdraw
After the add/drop period, a student may withdraw from a course in accordance with the following dates published.

Discuss your situation with your instructors and a student success navigator. You may have options that are more favorable than withdrawing from courses. Students receiving federal aid who withdraw completely should contact the Financial Aid office for details of the Return of Funds policy that is in place for all recipients of federal financial aid. Call 517.796.8410 for assistance.

  • Spring 2018 Imortant Dates