Credit for Prior Learning

All incoming college transcripts need to be sent to Jackson College electronically.  Jackson College has accounts with both the National Student Clearinghouse and Parchment to receive electronic transcripts.  Any transcripts sent to Jackson College via postal mail will not be able to be processed until campus has re-opened.  Processing times may be delayed once the college has re-opened.

* A minimum of 15 credits must be taken at Jackson College to earn a degree or certificate. For any additional degree, 15 additional credits must be taken at Jackson College. For any additional certificate, six additional credits must be taken at the College.

Credit for Prior Learning Form

Credit by Examination

Jackson College recognizes that some students enter college with proficiencies that warrant college credit. Students may request Credit by Examination to demonstrate skills and knowledge in many courses offered by the College. The department exam may be a comprehensive written exam, oral, portfolio review, lab projects, computer programs, timed writings or any combination depending on the subject area.

Credit by Examination is designed to grant credit at Jackson College and may or may not transfer to other colleges or universities. Students interested in Credit by Examination should obtain a form from the appropriate department chair’s office and discuss with the chair the feasibility of completing the examination. If the application for Credit by Examination is approved, it will be assigned to a faculty member who will contact the student and provide more information about the examination.

Students must be aware of the following:

  • You are limited to one attempt at Credit by Examination per course.
  • You may not use Credit by Examination as a method for repeating a course.
  • The credit earned by examination will not be applied to the graduation minimum of 12 credit hours that must be completed at JC.
  • In order to receive credit via Credit by Examination, you must earn a grade of 2.0 or better. Before the credit will be posted to your transcript, any fees associated with the exam must be paid to the cashier.
  • Your transcript will show credits earned for the course for Credit by Examination, CR/EX, not a grade.
Credit by Examination Form

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Board offers examinations designed to assess competence usually obtained by taking beginning level college-level courses. This program, called CLEP (College Level Examination Program), enables students to earn credit for courses by successfully completing a test. Listed below are the conditions under which credit may be granted for the College Level Examination Program – in many subject areas this includes writing an essay in addition to successfully passing the exam. JC uses the guidelines of 65+% for credit. CLEP credit may be reassessed by your transfer institution when you transfer.

General Examination.. 65+%c Credits ACE1 JC Course JC Essay
English Composition no credit
Humanities no credit
Mathematics no credit
Natural Science no credit
Social Science – History no credit
Subject Examinations 65+%
American Government no credit No
American History 3 credits 50 Gen. HIS credit Yes
American History I 3 credits 50 HIS 231 No
American History II 3 credits 50 HIS 232 No
American Literature 3 credits 50 ENG 255 Yes
Anal. & Intrp. of Literature 3 credits 50 ENG 246 Yes
Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology no credit
Behavioral Sciences for Nurses no credit
Calculus with Elementary Functions 9 credits 50 MAT 151, 154 No
Clinical Chemistry no credit
College Algebra 4 credits 50 MAT 139 No
College Algebra/Trig 5 credits 50 MAT 141 No
College Composition no credit
College French no credit
College German no credit
College Spanish no credit
Computers & Data Processing 2 credits  50 Gen CIS credit Yes
Dental Materials no credit
Elm. Computer Prog/FORTRAN IV 3 credits No equivalent course No
English Literature no credit No equivalent course
Freshman English no credit
Fundamentals of Nursing no credit
General Biology 4 credits 50 BIO 131 No
General Chemistry 4 credits 50 CEM 131 No
General Psychology no credit
Geology 4 credits 50 GEL 160 No
Head, Neck & Oral Anatomy no credit
Hematology <>no credit
Intro to Business Mgt. no credit
Introductory Accounting no credit
Introductory Business Law no credit
Introductory Macroeconomics 3 credits 50 ECN 231 No
Introductory Marketing no credit
Introductory Microeconomics 3 credits 50 ECN 232 No
Intro. Micro- & Macroeconomics no credit
Introductory Sociology no credit
Medical-Surgical Nursing no credit
Microbiology no credit
Money and Banking no credit
Oral Radiolography no credit
Statistics 4 credits 50 MAT 133 No
Tooth Morphology & Function no credit
Trigonometry no credit
Western Civilization 3 credits 50 Gen HIS credit No
Western Civilization I 4 credits 50 HIS 131 No
Western Civilization II 4 credits 50 HIS 132 No

The American Council on Education (ACE) has developed a recommended credit-granting score and number of semester hours of credit for each CLEP exam.

Advanced Placement Program

Many prospective Jackson College students take Advanced Placement (AP) examinations through the College Board during their junior and/or senior year in high school. On many AP examinations, scores of 4 or better will earn academic credit; in a few cases, a score of 3 may result in credit. AP credit may be reassessed by your transfer institution when you transfer.

To receive credit for your AP exams/scores requires that your exams and scores appear on an official high school transcript or that you submit an official AP Score Sheet. Please have the official AP Score Sheet sent to:

JC Office of the Registrar
Jackson College
2111 Emmons Road
Jackson, MI 49201

If you need to request your AP test score sheet, simply write
Advanced Placement, Box 977-IS
Princeton, New Jersey 08541
Or call: 609-771-7600

The following AP examinations and scores will earn the stated credit at JC.

College Board Advanced Placement Program
AP Subject Score Credit JC Course
United States History 5, 4, 3 6 credits HIS 231, 232
2, 1 no credit
Art History 5, 4 6 credits ART 111, 112
3, 2, 1 no credit
Studio Art: 2-D Design 5, 4 3 credits ART 101
3, 2, 1 no credit
Studio Art: Drawing 5, 4 3 credits ART 103
3, 2, 1 no credit
Biology 5, 4 8 credits BIO 161, BIO 162
3 4 credits BIO 161
2, 1 no credit
Calculus AB 5, 4, 3 4 credits MTH 151
2, 1 no credit
Calculus BC 5, 4, 3 9 credits MTH 151, 154
2, 1 no credit
Chemistry (only) 5, 4 8 credits CEM 141, 142
3 4 credits CEM 131 or 141
2, 1 no credit
Computer Science A (only) 5, 4 2 credits General CPS credit
3, 2, 1 no credit
Computer Science AB (only) 5 5 credits General CPS credit/waive CPS 175
4 2 credits General CPS credit
3, 2, 1 no credit
Environmental Science 5, 4, 3 4 credits BIO 158
2, 1 no credit
Microeconomics 5, 4 3 credits ECN 232
3, 2, 1 no credit
Macroeconomics 5, 4 3 credits ECN 231
3, 2, 1 no credit
English Language and Composition 5, 4 3 credits ENG 131
3, 2, 1 no credit
French Language 5 8 credits FRN 231, 232
4 4 credits FRN 231
3, 2, 1 No credit
German Language 5 8 credits GER 231, 232
4 4 credits GER 231
3, 2, 1 no credit
Government and Politics: United States 5, 4 3 credits PLS 141
3, 2, 1 no credit
Government and Politics: Comparative 5, 4 3 credits PLS 141
3, 2, 1 no credit
Physics “C” Mechanics 5, 4 4 credits PHY 251
3, 2, 1 no credit
Physics “C” Electricity & Magnetism 5, 4 4 credits PHY 252
3, 2, 1 no credit
Physics “B” 5, 4 8 credits PHY 231, 232
3, 2, 1 no credit
Psychology 5, 4 4 credits PSY 140
3, 2, 1 no credit
Statistics 5, 4 4 credits MAT 133
3, 2, 1 no credit
Spanish Language 5 8 credits SPN 231, 232
4 4 credits SPN 231
3, 2, 1 no credit


Jackson College recognizes both the American Council on Education’s Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Forces and the Defense Activity for Non-traditional Education Support. In addition, JC is designated as a Service-Members Opportunity College and is committed to serving the special needs of military personnel.

DSST – DANTES Subject Standardized Tests – This is a nationally recognized testing program that allows you the opportunity to receive college credit for learning acquired outside the regular classroom.

ACE – American Council on Education – Educational credit may be granted for learning acquired through military training. Official ACE transcripts must be sent. To obtain an official transcript, students must write to:

Center for Adult Learning & Educational Credentials
American Council on Education
ATTN: Registries
One DuPont Circle, Suite 250
Washington, DC 20036-1193