Grading System

Grade = Honor Points
4.0 Excellent 4.0
3.5 3.5
3.0 Superior 3.0
2.5 2.5
2.0 Average 2.0
1.5 1.5
1.0 Inferior 1.0
0.5 0.5
0.0 Not Passing 0.0

To view your grades online:

  • Log into JetStream
  • Click on Student Planning, and then View Your Progress

To view your unofficial transcripts:

  • Log into JetStream
  • Click on the graduation cap (academics) on the left hand side of the screen
  • Click on Student Planning and then Unofficial Transcripts

Other Grades:


The incomplete grade is designed for successful students with extenuating circumstances to allow them to complete the course requirements after the semester or session has ended. Students may receive an “I” if, in the opinion of the instructor, their work is sufficient in quality, but is lacking in quantity, to meet the objectives specified in the course syllabus. The course objectives are to be satisfactorily completed during the next year or within the time agreed to by the instructor and the student. If the student does not complete the course within the designated time period the “I” grade will be replaced by the grade earned as assigned by the instructor.

The grade of “I” is not awarded to students who did not attend, or seldom attended, or to those who simply are not pleased with their final grades. Students receiving an “I” submit only the remaining work that had not been completed at the end of the semester. Students do not re-register for the course, nor redo work that had already been graded.

“P/ F” – PASS/ FAIL:

JC may assign this option to classes. You may not elect the option for any other classes. No honor points will be awarded and the credits will not be used in computing the GPA. You are limited to two classes with a grade of P for graduation purposes. Grades of P rarely transfer to other colleges.


A grade of W (withdraw) is recorded on the academic record but is not calculated in the grade point average. After the withdraw period for the semester ends, a request to withdraw cannot be honored and the class instructor is required to assign a grade. That grade is used in calculating grade point average.

“Y” – AUDIT:

If you wish to attend class without receiving a grade or credit, you must register for an audit. The audit option must be selected at registration or by the end of the add/drop period and you must pay tuition and fees for the class. A transcript record will be kept for all audited classes with a grade of Y. Credit for audit classes will not be granted at a later date.


E and N were used in a previous grading system and may appear on transcripts of returning students.