Student ID Cards

Students who are taking courses on campus or housing residents are eligible for a Jackson College Student ID card.
When eligible, students will receive an email invitation to submit a photo using our online photo submission tool.

Benefits to obtaining a Student ID card:

  • Utilize open gym in the fieldhouse
  • Attend school functions such as holiday parties
  • Utilizing computers in the Jets Hangar
  • Signing out equipment in the Jets Hangar

Steps for the Online Photo Submission Process

  • Step 1: Receive a Photo Submission email from Jackson College

    Once you are eligible, you will receive a welcome email from Jackson College inviting you to submit your photo using our online photo submission tool. This photo is used to create your Jackson College Student ID card.

  • Step 2: Submit your photo using the Online Photo Submission Tool

    When you click “Submit Your Photo” from the welcome email, you will be taken to the online tool to submit your photo and issued ID to help our security team move you through the approval process. Please be sure to follow the posted photo guidelines for faster approaval of your submitted photo.

    Photo that WILL be accepted

    A submitted photo requires the following:

    • Must be cropped slightly above head to middle of chest
    • Must be taken against a plain, light background
    • Must be a recent picture taken
    • Must be a color photo
    • You must be alone in the picture with no one else visible
    • You must be positioned directly facing the camera
    • Your eyes must be open and looking at the camera
    • Must be taken with sufficient lighting that has no shadows
    • Should not include wearing sunglasses, hats or head covering (unless those items are worn daily for religious purposes, and in such cases those items must not obscure any facial features)

  • Step 3: Photo is Approved or Denied


    You will receive an email that your photo has been approved! Your new Student ID card will be printed with your submitted photo within 24-48 business hours.

    Campus Safety & Security can hand out ID’s from 8:30 AM – 3:30PM, Monday – Friday.

    The Campus Safety & Security is located inside of the Jets Hangar building on the southeast corner of central campus. First office on the left hand side when entering the Jets Hangar.

    Campus Map

    If Security is not present in the office you can call (517) 740-7986 and Security will arrive shortly.


    You will receive an email describing why your photo was denied with a button to re-submit your photo for review.

Online Photo Submission Terms of Service:

The use of any photograph submitted through the Jackson College online photo software is only to obtain a new Jackson College ID card.

If you are wanting a new picture on your Jackson College Card, the standard replacement fee applies.

When a photograph is taken for the issuance of a Jackson College Card, the digitized photo will be stored electronically for identification and security purposes. In addition, the photo may be used for approved internal College business purposes.

A government issued ID or other form of identification, such as a high school ID, will be required to help identify you during the photo submission process. This ID is NOT stored in any Jackson College systems and will be cleared once your photo has been approved or denied.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 517.796.8620.