Residence Life Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to live on campus, what do I do?

    To start the process you need to fill out the online application. If you have additional questions please call 517.990.1337.

  • How much does it cost to live at Campus View?

    For cost to live on campus, please view the explore housing page.

  • Am I required to purchase a meal plan? If so, what are my options?

    Yes, all residents of campus view student housing are required to purchase a meal plan. View Jackson College’s dining & meal plan options.

  • Do you have spaces available?

    Availability depends largely on the time of year. Please contact the housing office for more information at 517.990.1337. If there isn’t currently availability, you could be placed on a wait list.

  • What is a wait list?

    In respect to campus housing, a wait list is created when demand exceeds bed space availability. A wait list for both males and females is created, and as space by gender becomes available individuals from the wait list are contacted and offered a bed space. Individuals on the wait list are ordered by time, date and application/security deposit received.

  • When are payments due and where do I make a payment?

    Payment is due before you move in for each term. Please see your contract or call the Campus View office for specific dates.

    Students can make payments directly to the Cashier located in Bert Walker Hall or by calling 517.796.8420.

    When sending checks or money orders please make checks payable to Jackson College and in the memo line write: Student ID number, student name and the word “Housing.”

  • How do I pay for housing?

    Students must pay their housing balance in full before they move in. Financial aid may be used but tuition must come out first and the remaining financial aid may be used towards the housing balance. Whatever costs remain the student is responsible for covering with private loans, grants, or some other means. Students must bring proof of payment when checking in to housing.

    You cannot use financial aid to pay housing security deposit of $300.

    Housing application fee and security deposit must be paid in full prior to move-in.

  • How will I be contacted regarding placement in Campus View Housing?

    All official communications will be sent to your Jackson College e-mail address.

  • What does the security deposit do?

    For students who fulfill the terms of their contract, it will be used in the event there is case of damage to the room. Please review the terms and conditions included in the contract for details about forfeiture.

  • When will I find out who my suitemates are?

    Assignments will be made by mid-July if the student completes their application by the end of June.

  • What if I need to get out or break my housing contract?

    The housing contract is a legally binding document. If you decide to break your contract, you are still responsible for the cost outlined in your housing contract. You are also charged a non-appealable $300 cancellation fee.

  • After I move out when do I get my housing deposit back?

    If you are not returning to housing we can refund the balance of your deposit (minus any charges for damages or key replacement charges). This process does take time and may take up to 30 days after you complete a housing exit form and required check-out process. We will send the refund to the address the college has on file.

  • Can I have guests stay with me?

    All of our policies for the residence halls are outlined in the resident handbook.

  • What should I bring with me when moving on campus?
  • What kind of digital and technology related amenities are available?

    Cellular service: Residents with plans from either AT&T or Verizon report that they have the fewest occurrences of a weak signal throughout the Campus View facilities. All other carriers exhibit more problems with call and data connectivity within their respective cellular networks.

    Device types: The wireless network in each of the three Campus View facilities will be upgraded by August 2015. Newer wireless network systems operate on a 5Ghz frequency. This new technology offers faster downloads and is less congested than the older 2.4Ghz technology which can be affected by microwave ovens. If you plan to bring a device (notebook, TV, tablet, gaming console, etc.) to use throughout a Campus View facility, you are encouraged to use a 5Ghz compatible unit.

    Network access: Only wireless service is available. There are no wired “jacks” for the network in any suite. If you have a desktop computer and wish to use the network you will need to have the hardware necessary to connect it to a wireless network. Current residents will be given a unique pre-shared-key (PSK) that can be used to connect up to four personal devices simultaneously to the internet.

    Phones: There are no phones within the suites.

    Computer Labs: Campus View 1 and 2 have a small computer lab located on the 3rd floor.

    Printing: Printing is available for all Jackson College students. William Atkinson Hall offers limited black/white printing. Color printing is available to students actively enrolled in courses requiring it as determined by the Deans.

    Television Channels (digital): Campus View 1, 2, and 3 residents have the ability to stream nearly 60 channels to their devices (media players, smart TVs, tablets, computers, etc.) through Philo. This service contains both standard definition and high definition channels and includes DVR functionality. Additionally residents have access to HBO Go and Max Go.

    Televisions: Several large flat screen televisions are located in public areas of each facility.

    Streaming: Bandwidth has been increased and there are plans for incremental increases if the demand arises. There is a limit to the amount of bandwidth that can be made available while keeping housing costs affordable. Our upload speeds are just as fast as download speeds which is far superior to a conventional home network. Upload performance is helpful if you wish to stream your gaming experience. Given the nature of our academic environment the bandwidth for academic operations receives the highest priority.

    Media players: While Jackson College cannot provide or support media streaming appliances due to the terms of their contracts (e.g. Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast) our wireless network is currently compatible with many of them. We cannot guarantee future compatibility as new products are brought to market and upgrades are written/downloaded directly to your devices. Subscriptions to Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc. are the responsibility of each resident.

    Digital Signage: Modern electronic signage systems are present in each Campus View facility and provide insight to upcoming campus events and important information.