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  • Mona Baarson

    Baarson, Mona

    Professor, Lead Faculty for MAT 141 and 151

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    B.S., Oklahoma State University M.A., University of Central Oklahoma further graduate study, Eastern Michigan University and Marygrove College

  • Barco, Matthew

    Learning Facilitator - Math

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    517.796.8602 ext. 4111

  • Erik Brown

    Brown, Erik

    Faculty Liaison for JC@LISD, Lead Faculty for MAT 130

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    B.S, B.A., Andrews University M.E., James Madison University

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  • Brian-Gemalsky

    Gemalsky, Brian

    Math Instructor

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    517.796.8602 ext. 2206

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  • Kristi Laird

    Laird, Kristi

    MAT Department Chair, Lead Faculty for MAT 139

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    B.A., Northwestern University M.A., University of Michigan further graduate study, Spring Arbor University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Eastern Michigan University, Marygrove College

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  • Allison Price

    Price, Allison

    Lead Faculty for MAT 039 and MAT 131

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    B.S., Western Michigan University M.A., State University of New York at Buffalo

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  • Shepherd, Jamie

    Math Instructor, Lead Faculty for MAT 033

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  • Alana Tuckey

    Tuckey, Alana

    Associate Professor, Lead Faculty for MAT 133

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    B.A., M.S., Michigan State University

  • Steven Tuckey

    Tuckey, Steven

    Raven Endowed Chair for Mathematics; Coordinator, Mathematics Supplemental Instruction Program; Professor, Lead Faculty for NSC 131

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    B.A., M.A., Michigan State University