Student Conduct

Jackson College is an institution of higher education whose mission is to inspire and transform lives. The College exists so that learners succeed and community needs are met. The College supports a positive educational environment that will benefit student success. In order to ensure this vision, the College has established this Student Code of Conduct to ensure the protection of student rights and the health and safety of the College community, as well as to support the efficient operation of College programs. In addition, the College has established guidelines for the redress of grievances by individuals accused in such proceedings.

Students and faculty alike should use this web page to find links to information to assist them. The reporting form can be used by anyone whom would like to report an incident. If preferred the reporter may remain anonymous.

Our goal is to ensure a learning environment that ensures the protection of student rights and the health and safety of all members of our community.

Zero Tolerance

Jackson College has a zero tolerance policy on incidents that involved illegal drugs, assaults and weapons. Violations of these policies jeopardize the safety and health of our students and the community and will result in students losing their housing privileges and the opportunity to continue as a student.  Think before you act and realize your actions may adversely affect your future.