College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Board offers examinations designed to assess competence usually obtained by taking beginning level college-level courses. This program, called CLEP (College Level Examination Program), enables students to earn credit for courses by successfully completing a test. Listed below are the conditions under which credit may be granted for the College Level Examination Program – in many subject areas this includes writing an essay in addition to successfully passing the exam. JC uses the guidelines of 65+% for credit. CLEP credit may be reassessed by your transfer institution when you transfer.

General Examination.. 65+%c Credits ACE1 JC Course JC Essay
English Composition no credit
Humanities no credit
Mathematics no credit
Natural Science no credit
Social Science – History no credit
Subject Examinations 65+%
American Government no credit No
American History 3 credits 50 Gen. HIS credit Yes
American History I 3 credits 50 HIS 231 No
American History II 3 credits 50 HIS 232 No
American Literature 3 credits 50 ENG 255 Yes
Anal. & Intrp. of Literature 3 credits 50 ENG 246 Yes
Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology no credit
Behavioral Sciences for Nurses no credit
Calculus with Elementary Functions 9 credits 50 MAT 151, 154 No
Clinical Chemistry no credit
College Algebra 4 credits 50 MAT 139 No
College Algebra/Trig 5 credits 50 MAT 141 No
College Composition no credit
College French no credit
College German no credit
College Spanish no credit
Computers & Data Processing 2 credits  50 Gen CIS credit Yes
Dental Materials no credit
Elm. Computer Prog/FORTRAN IV 3 credits No equivalent course No
English Literature no credit No equivalent course
Freshman English no credit
Fundamentals of Nursing no credit
General Biology 4 credits 50 BIO 131 No
General Chemistry 4 credits 50 CEM 131 No
General Psychology no credit
Geology 4 credits 50 GEL 160 No
Head, Neck & Oral Anatomy no credit
Hematology <>no credit
Intro to Business Mgt. no credit
Introductory Accounting no credit
Introductory Business Law no credit
Introductory Macroeconomics 3 credits 50 ECN 231 No
Introductory Marketing no credit
Introductory Microeconomics 3 credits 50 ECN 232 No
Intro. Micro- & Macroeconomics no credit
Introductory Sociology no credit
Medical-Surgical Nursing no credit
Microbiology no credit
Money and Banking no credit
Oral Radiolography no credit
Statistics 4 credits 50 MAT 133 No
Tooth Morphology & Function no credit
Trigonometry no credit
Western Civilization 3 credits 50 Gen HIS credit No
Western Civilization I 4 credits 50 HIS 131 No
Western Civilization II 4 credits 50 HIS 132 No

The American Council on Education (ACE) has developed a recommended credit-granting score and number of semester hours of credit for each CLEP exam.