College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Board offers examinations designed to assess competence usually obtained by taking beginning level college-level courses. This program, called CLEP (College Level Examination Program), enables students to earn credit for courses by successfully completing a test. Listed below are the conditions under which credit may be granted for the College Level Examination Program – in many subject areas this includes writing an essay in addition to successfully passing the exam. JC uses the guidelines of 65+% for credit. CLEP credit may be reassessed by your transfer institution when you transfer.

General Examination.. 65+%cCreditsACE1JC CourseJC Essay
English Compositionno credit
Humanitiesno credit
Mathematicsno credit
Natural Scienceno credit
Social Science – Historyno credit
Subject Examinations 65+%
American Governmentno creditNo
American History3 credits50Gen. HIS creditYes
American History I3 credits50HIS 231No
American History II3 credits50HIS 232No
American Literature3 credits50ENG 255Yes
Anal. & Intrp. of Literature3 credits50ENG 246Yes
Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiologyno credit
Behavioral Sciences for Nursesno credit
Calculus with Elementary Functions9 credits50MAT 151, 154No
Clinical Chemistryno credit
College Algebra4 credits50MAT 139No
College Algebra/Trig5 credits50MAT 141No
College Compositionno credit
College Frenchno credit
College Germanno credit
College Spanishno credit
Computers & Data Processing2 credits 50Gen CIS creditYes
Dental Materialsno credit
Elm. Computer Prog/FORTRAN IV3 creditsNo equivalent courseNo
English Literatureno creditNo equivalent course
Freshman Englishno credit
Fundamentals of Nursingno credit
General Biology4 credits50BIO 131No
General Chemistry4 credits50CEM 131No
General Psychologyno credit
Geology4 credits50GEL 160No
Head, Neck & Oral Anatomyno credit
Hematology<>no credit
Intro to Business credit
Introductory Accountingno credit
Introductory Business Lawno credit
Introductory Macroeconomics3 credits50ECN 231No
Introductory Marketingno credit
Introductory Microeconomics3 credits50ECN 232No
Intro. Micro- & Macroeconomicsno credit
Introductory Sociologyno credit
Medical-Surgical Nursingno credit
Microbiologyno credit
Money and Bankingno credit
Oral Radiolographyno credit
Statistics4 credits50MAT 133No
Tooth Morphology & Functionno credit
Trigonometryno credit
Western Civilization3 credits50Gen HIS creditNo
Western Civilization I4 credits50HIS 131No
Western Civilization II4 credits50HIS 132No

The American Council on Education (ACE) has developed a recommended credit-granting score and number of semester hours of credit for each CLEP exam.