Planning Your Transfer

The transfer process is simple, but it’s important to start early. A year ahead is not too soon. Here are the steps.

  1. Decide what program of study or major you want to pursue (undeclared is okay).
  2. Determine if your program of study is a secondary admit. A secondary admit means that after you are admitted to the university you must be admitted into the college which houses your program. Some programs with secondary admits include business, education, engineering, nursing, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, music, dance, art and theater.
  3. Find how the classes you take at Jackson College will transfer to you institution using the course equivalency tool.
  4. Talk with a JC student success navigator about your area of interest and request one or more transfer guides
  5. Call the universities you’re interested in attending to request catalogs and applications.
  6. Return the application(s) with appropriate payment.
  7. Request official transcripts from JC (and any other colleges you’ve attended) be sent to the university or universities of your choice. JC transcripts may be requested here.
  8. Complete the steps for financial aid.
  9. Visit the university you plan to attend.

Note: If you have fewer than 30 college credits, some universities require you send high school transcripts.