Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use financial aid at two colleges/universities during the same semester?

    No, students cannot utilize financial aid at both JC and another college or university. If a student wishes to enroll as a guest student or only take a course or a few to transfer back to their four-year they will need to pay for the JC courses out-of-pocket or from another funding source.

  • Can I use financial aid at JC if I was enrolled at a four-year the semester prior to enrolling at JC?

    If a student is planning to receive a certificate or degree at JC, yes they can utilize their financial aid at JC. The student needs to include JC on the list of colleges they are interested in attending on their FAFSA.

  • Is there a maximum number of credits I can transfer to a four-year from JC?

    Some institutions do have a cap as to how many credits a student can transfer. However a typical four-year degree is around 120-135 credit hours. Most institutions will allow students to transfer at least 60 credits from a community college, in some instances more.

  • Do online courses transfer?

    Yes, our online courses offer the same content as in-person courses and are transferable. There are some institutions which require students to take specific courses face-to-face sometimes based on degree requirements; however, with COVID-19 a lot of these restrictions are currently being waived. Students should check with the four-year institution to verify.

  • Do Jackson College courses transfer out of state?

    Yes, Jackson College courses are eligible to transfer to out of state colleges or universities. We always encourage students to connect with the college or university that they intend to transfer the credit they earn at JC to ensure appropriate courses are take to help complete their intended degree.

  • Do Jackson College courses transfer?

    Yes, Jackson College courses are highly transferable. We always encourage students, however, to connect with the four-year institution that they plan to transfer credits to ensure appropriate courses are taken to help complete the intended degree. Some institutions that JC students have transferred to include Michigan State University, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, University of Michigan – Dearborn, University of Michigan – Flint, Eastern Michigan University, Western Michigan University, Siena Heights University, Spring Arbor University, Wayne State University, Central Michigan University, and Ferris State University, but the list goes on.

  • How do I transfer credit I earned from my four-year college or university to JC?

    Students must submit an official college transcript to JC’s Registrar’s Office. A student will need to connect with the four-year institution to determine their transcript request process.

    Transcripts can be sent electronically to

    *JC considers official college transcripts those that come directly from the four-year institution to our offices. Transcripts sent or forwarded from the student are considered unofficial.

  • Will my previously earned college credits transfer to JC?

    Courses that are earned from a regionally accredited institution with a grade of ‘C’ or better will be considered. An official transfer credit evaluation will determine transfer credit equivalency.