New Student Online Orientation

Student at computerWelcome to the new student online orientation! Jackson College is currently operating in a virtual environment. All students will complete this online orientation in place of a face to face orientation. To complete online orientation you must have your student ID number. This number will be provided to you by an admissions team member once your application has been received. If you are in need of your student ID number, please e-mail Be sure to provide a phone number on how to reach you.

Begin Online Orientation

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does online orientation cost?

It’s free!

How long does it take to complete online orientation?

Most students complete online orientation within 30 minutes.

What does online orientation cover?

Online orientation orients you to the college’s policies, procedures, financial aid requirements and what is expected of students while at Jackson College. It highlights important resources as well as services to support your learning.

Who oversees online orientation?

Once students successfully complete, they will be given credit for online orientation.  The Admissions Office will be notified of the completion.

Where would I find online orientation?

The training is in JetNet. You can login with your JC username and password and then self-enroll into an available section.

When can I complete online orientation?

You can complete online orientation after you have been admitted to the college.  It is recommended that you complete online orientation in one setting so that the information will be fresh in your mind for the quizzes.

What does online orientation consist of?

Online orientation has numerous videos and short quizzes to complete.

What happens if I don’t complete an online orientation?

Those students who do not complete an orientation session will not be eligible to register for classes. Orientation is mandatory to successfully enroll at Jackson College.