Official Roles, Terms of Service and Biographies

The Board of Trustees consists of seven members, elected at large in the community college district on a nonpartisan basis for staggered terms of six years. The election is held the first Tuesday in November in even-numbered years. The term of office is from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Any qualified elector residing within the community college district is eligible to be chosen as a board member. Each member of the Board of Trustees has the duty to attend the board meetings, both regular and special; to perform special responsibilities as authorized by the board and recommended by the president or chairperson, to support the best interests of the College; and to faithfully represent the district in all matters before the public.

Sam Barnes, Board Chair

Sam R. Barnes
Trustee Biography and Perspective


Matthew R. Heins

Trustee Biography and Perspective


John M. Crist
Vice Chairperson

Trustee Biography and Perspective


Philip E. Hoffman

Trustee Biography and Perspective


Sheila A. Patterson

Trustee Biography and Perspective


Dr. Edward A. Mathein

Trustee Biography and Perspective


Donna L. Lake

Trustee Biography and Perspective

The officers of the board consist of a chairperson, a vice chairperson, a treasurer and a secretary (who shall be members of the board). The officers shall be elected by the Board of Trustees for two-year terms, selected on the odd years. A majority of four members of the Board of Trustees is a quorum. No act is valid unless voted on at a meeting of the board by a majority vote of the members of the board and a proper record made of the same. The Board of Trustees shall conduct its meetings and business in conformance with Act No. 267, State of Michigan Public Acts of 1976, the Open Meetings Act.

Note: The dates under each trustee image represents (first year in office/year current term concludes).

  • Past Board Members
    Board MemberTerm StartTerm Finish
    Donna Lake2012Current
    Matthew R. Heins2009Current
    Samuel R. Barnes2009Current
    Sheila A. Patterson2008Current
    John M. Crist2007Current
    Philip E. Hoffman2005Current
    Michael Burgess20022004
    Christina L. Medlar20012012
    Edward Mathein1999Current
    Bernard Riggs19992002
    Dennis DaPra19982008
    William Lambkin19972008
    Georgia Fojtasek19952000
    Charles Anderson19952008
    John VanderPoel19911997
    Jacqueline Dulworth19891995
    Robert Johnson19851994
    Mark Rosenfeld19821996
    Lois Franklin19791990
    John Selby19781984
    Faith J. Justin19781978
    E. Dean Edwards19781982
    Betsy Dolan19771988
    Victor Cuiss19741998
    Hugh D.  Federer19731978
    Marvin Raguse19731978
    J.C. Drake19731978
    Charles O. Conrad19691974
    Michael J. Baughman19691998
     Hugh D.  Federer19661978
    Elwin T. Ruffner19651972
    Justin R. Whiting19621965
    Bert H. Walker19621968
    George E. Potter19622006
    Louis H. Leggett19621972
    James P. Graham19621968
    Ruth M. Day19621976