Dental Hygiene Admission

Students must apply for admission to the Dental Hygiene program and must do so by the application deadline.

Admission to the dental hygiene is highly competitive and is not guaranteed. It is the student’s responsibility to understand and adhere to the specific admission criteria. Admission is based on a point system which factors in the GPA of required courses, past educational achievements or certifications, and the number of course withdrawals, repeats and/or failures. Students with the highest points will be admitted based on space availability. The selection process is subject to change.

Dental Hygiene Admission Packet  Application Rubric

  • Application Information

    Students must apply for admission to the Dental Hygiene program and must do so by the application deadline. (September 15)

    Admission to the dental hygiene is highly competitive and is not guaranteed. The selection process considers academic and non-academic qualities. Assessment of an applicant’s academic qualities is based on the applicant’s Science GPA, overall GPA and numbers of repeat/withdrawals. Non-academic criteria considers qualities such as work ethic, knowledge of the profession, motivation, compassion, integrity, communication skills, leadership and desire to contribute to society. Rubrics are used to assess each non-academic criteria.  Non-academic criteria are: Essay, Interview, Community Service Activity, Letters of Recommendation, and Previous dental experience. Students with the highest points will be admitted based on space availability. The selection process is subject to change. It is required that a student interested in applying for the Dental Hygiene program meet with the Program Director.  Contact information is on the JC Dental Hygiene website. Please call or email to set up an appointment.

    A Student Success Navigator’s signature is required on the application form. The navigator’s signature and student’s signature on the application indicates that the selection process has been explained by the navigator and the student understands the application process. Navigators are available in Student Services and at all Extension Centers. Find your Student Success Navigator.

    Students are expected to meet with a navigator prior to beginning required courses and each semester thereafter.

    The program for which you are applying requires that you successfully complete clinical requirements in an onsite clinic. A provider’s license may be jeopardized if the State of Michigan learns through the required criminal history background clearance that they or an adult age 18 and over who is employed by them or in practicum with them, has a pending criminal charge or has been convicted of any of certain various crimes. Clinical sites are subject to ACT 303 of the Public Acts of 2002, amended April 1, 2006, of the State of Michigan which restricts persons with certain criminal convictions from having access to vulnerable populations.  Therefore, Jackson College requires that as a condition of admission, all students will be subject to a fingerprint-based criminal background check, including an FBI check.  Exclusions for convictions can range from one year to permanent exclusion.  Following graduation, applicants for licensure as a Registered Dental Hygienist will also be asked about criminal convictions and this could impact the individual’s ability to become licensed.

    If you have questions about this requirement, contact Jeff Whipple, Director of Facilities, Safety & Security at 517.796.8620.

    In addition, all dental hygiene students must pass a drug screen as a condition of admission to the Dental Hygiene program. While enrolled in the program, a student may be asked to submit to a drug test if there is reason to believe the student is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

    If there is evidence that a student is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while in the classroom or during a clinical session, the dental hygiene student will be:

    • Removed from the classroom or clinical area immediately;
    • Subject to drug & alcohol testing
    • Experience disciplinary action – up to and including dismissal from the

    Students Bear the Cost of any Drug Screen.

    Students will register and pay for the drug screen, fingerprinting, and background check through CastleBranch.

  • Application Procedure


    1. Submit to Student Services a completed JC admission application online and indicate “Dental Hygiene – Associate in Applied Science” as the JC program of study. It is important the program major is coded properly in the college computer system. Applicants must be a high school graduate or have high school equivalency such as a E.D.
    2. Meet with a JC Student Success Navigator. Students may contact JC Advising at 796.8425 find their navigator to schedule an appointment.
    3. As directed by the navigator, complete the JC course placement assessments in writing, reading and math. Utilize the results to register for appropriate classes. Students with limited or no prior science studies may need to take additional courses to prepare for the required science pre-requisite courses. Be advised, students without withdrawals, repeats or course failures are more likely to be selected for entry into the dental hygiene program.
    4. Send official transcripts from ALL colleges previously attended to the JC Enrollment Services Office in Student Transcripts are due by September 15. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that transcripts have arrived. Call the Records Department at 796-8425 to confirm their arrival.
    5. All Pre-requisite Science courses must be completed by application deadline. Students are encouraged to complete all other pre-requisite courses as well, but it is not required.
    6. After your Student Success Navigator has signed the Dental Hygiene Application, (top sheet of this information packet), the navigator will submit the first two pages of the application to the Allied Health office electronically. The $50.00 program application fee receipt will be submitted electronically as well.
    7. The application fee will be good for 1 year for any other Allied Health program.
    8. If you are not admitted and wish to be reconsidered for the next program year, you must complete a new Program Application Form and the Pay the $50.00 application fee. Your application and application fee will NOT automatically be rolled over.
    9. Application Deadline: September 15
    10. Meet Technical Standards for Admission to the Dental Hygiene Program, outlined later in this
  • Acceptance Process
    • The order of acceptance of qualified applicants will be determined by total points achieved. Those with the highest point totals who have met all criteria are offered a seat.
    • If more than one qualified applicant achieves the same point total in the point system for the last remaining seats, the following criteria will be used:
      • Number of repeat/withdrawal of courses
      • All pre-requisite courses completed
      • GPA of required science courses
    • If an applicant has no prior experience working in the dental field, 8 hours of observation in a dental office must be completed before application is submitted. Documentation MUST be provided. Please use the template located on page 16. Template must be copied on provider letterhead to be accepted.
    • Applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial during the month of October for Spring admission.
    • A mandatory new student orientation will be held the first or second week of November. Do not make any travel arrangements for those weeks until you know the new student orientation date. This orientation is mandatory and if you are unable to attend, you will not be accepted into the Dental Hygiene Program and will need to reapply for the following fall.
    • If a student who has been accepted into the program does not achieve the required grades in pre-requisite courses in the semester prior to admission, the student will be denied admission and will need to re-apply following successful completion of the courses. If a student chooses not to accept a seat in the program for that semester, he/she will need to re-apply for the next semester and compete with the candidates for that semester.
    • Upon acceptance into the Dental Hygiene program, an applicant must register with CastleBranch to ensure compliance with immunizations, fingerprinting, drug screen, CPR certification and background checks.
      • Upload to CastleBranch your “Professional Level” CPR Certification. The course that meets this criterion is offered by the American Heart Association (CPR for the Health Care Provider). Students may not participate in any pre-clinical or clinical sessions if their health data and CPR certification are not continuously up to date. Students may not progress in the program without satisfactory completion of the clinical portion of all dental hygiene courses.
    • If a student has a change in any demographic information (name, address, telephone number) from the information submitted on their application, he/she must inform the Allied Health Office and Student Services in writing.
    • The Dental Hygiene Department sends all electronic correspondence to students via their JC student e-mail accounts. No personal e-mail addresses will be used.