Sport management careers combine love of game with business skills for winning futures!

Sports Management

Sports enthusiasts can turn their love of competition into career opportunities with Jackson College’s associate degree in sport management!

America has seen a surge in interest in sports at all levels, from pee-wee soccer to the professional leagues. Travel teams, recreational departments, non-profit organizations and more have seen an increase in demand for proper leadership and management. Individuals with knowledge of sports and coaching functions, as well as business acumen necessary for program and facilities management, are in demand.

Associate Degree and Transfer Program Overview

For those who love sports, there are ample career opportunities beyond being a pro-athlete. Students may complete the associate degree for an entry-level career or to prepare for transfer to a university for a bachelor’s degree. The associate degree curriculum explores the cultural and business impact of sport through hands-on, real-world case studies and internships. This program develops strong skills in critical business areas of sport including management, communication, marketing, accounting, leadership, entrepreneurship, and human resource management.

Program Possibilities

Upon graduation with an Associate in Art in Sport Management from Jackson College, many graduates will transfer to a four-year bachelor’s degree-granting university to pursue a degree in sport management, business, law, accounting, urban planning, and graduate studies. With an associate degree, students may find entry-level opportunities organizing and promoting sporting events, working with youth sports organizations or local recreation departments, or managing facilities.

Employment is expected to increase in the coming years. Salaries ranges vary, with starting wages in the $30,000-$40,000 range, up to $100,000.

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