Are you a numbers person? Those in accounting prepare, produce and analyze financial records for organizations. Tasks may include computing, classifying and recording data, or performing any combination of routine calculating, posting and verifying duties. Accounting is the language of commerce and important to a variety of fields, from business and industry to government, education, entertainment, and even the legal system.

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Jackson College Offers the following program options:

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An accounting certificate or associate degree is necessary for beginning positions; further study will bring more job opportunities. Those interested in accounting should have good analytical and math skills, as well as good interpersonal and communication skills for working with clients and in today’s business environment. Jackson College offers both accounting associate degree and accounting certificate programs that may be completed online via Internet, or in the classroom.


Depending on job description and education levels, positions run from $20,000-$40,000 annually. Those with a bachelor’s degree may earn up to $78,000, and with a master’s degree, up to $110,000.

Career Outlook

Employment is projected to grow between 11-13 percent through 2022. As the number of organizations increases and financial regulations become stricter, there will be greater demand for these workers to maintain books and provide accounting services.