Graphic Design

Graphic design careers encompass a broad range of tasks, but all are designed to communicate something to others. Graphic designers create images and artwork to announce events, promote products, services or ideas, explain or demonstrate useful information. They work with photographs and computer-generated images, and use and design typefaces for all variety of commercial messages.

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Jackson College offers students interested in graphic design the opportunity to earn an associate degree or certificate in visual communications/graphic design. The program prepares students for entry-level positions in design in various settings such as publication and printing industries, advertising and marketing organizations, and graphic design departments of corporations, government agencies and retailers. Concentration and skill set options are available for those looking to pick up some graphic design skills to complement another position, or who want a quick start in the field while they continue studying. A certificate program in graphic design/print production will be available, which will give students the skills they need to work in the hands-on, technical side of printing and publishing. A new skill set in graphic design will also be available, which will include courses in three of the Adobe® Creative Suite® programs, Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® Photoshop®, and Adobe® InDesign®. This will teach students the minimal computer skills necessary to assist in page layout and design, which may be a starting point to graphic design or enhance one’s current career.


Starting wages for graphic designers is about $26,700, while median wages are $43,700.

Career Outlook

Job outlook for graphic designers is expected to grow about 7 percent in coming years.