Sport Management

Have you dreamed of a career that revolves around sports? Would you love to work with a sports team?

If you want to turn your passion for sports into a fulfilling career full of excitement, strategy, and hard work, then our sport management degree program is for you. You’ll learn the business of sports, from ticket sales and event coordination to selling a sponsorship and being a sports agent. As you progress through your major, you’ll grow into a business-minded professional ready to take on the dynamic sports industry on a multitude of levels, with courses and real-world training in everything from fitness, economics, marketing, business, and much more.

Sports Management

Jackson College Offers the following program options:

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An associate degree in sports management and will open the door to entry-level opportunities. Further study in sports management or business and management will broaden opportunities.


Earnings vary by position and location. Some examples include: recreation workers, $22,620 annually; coaches, $30,640 annually.

Career Outlook

Demand is expected to grow as the popularity of sports grows.