Business Administration

Workers with good business and management skills are in demand. Business students are equipped with tools to analyze a business situation, shape long-term action plans, oversee plans as they are carried out, and make countless large and small decisions along the way. They may help to guide and coordinate the work of staff. In addition to careers in trade and commerce, workers with good business skills are needed in almost any organization, including non-profits, educational and government settings.

Two students dressed in business attire

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Educational requirements vary by type of organization and work done. Work-related experience may be beneficial to some positions. The business curriculum focuses on effective written and oral communication skills, developing leadership potential, building awareness of career opportunities and choices, utilizing technology to assist in decision-making, building customer relationships, and the impact of global business in our lives. 


Pay varies greatly depending on the field and the location. Retail and food service managers’ salaries may start in the $40,000 range, while other manager salaries may be considerably higher. Independent business owners’ earnings may vary depending on their individual business.

Career Outlook

Business is one of the fastest growing and challenging career fields, and business professionals can expect growing status and increased financial and personal rewards.