Academic Advising


Student success navigators serve not only as academic advisors but as a student’s academic, financial and total resource advocate or coach. They are part of a new initiative at the College focusing on student success. Students will have an assigned navigator to meet with for advising and any questions they may have. Navigators will serve as the “go-to” person to help students throughout the college experience.

Central Campus Navigators

Student Success Navigators not only serve as academic advisors but as a student’s total resource advocate. Students have an assigned navigator based on their pathway to meet with for advising. Navigators guide students throughout their college experience through the Navigator’s Total Commitment to Student Success.

headshot of Anthony Fassett

Business & Computer Technology

Anthony Fassett
Walker Hall Room 231 • 517.990.1417 •

headshot of Liz Snell

Health Sciences Pathway
(Last Name A – L)

Elizabeth Snell
Walker Hall Room 230 • 517.990.1461 •

Health Sciences Pathway
(Last Name M – Z)

Patricia Davis
Walker Hall Room 232 • 517.990.1413 •

headshot of Jamie Morris

Skilled Trades Pathway
International Students

Jamie Morris
Walker Hall Room 233 • 517.990.1458 •

Liberal Arts Pathway
(Last Name A-D, P-Z)

Melissa Potter
Walker Hall Room 226 • 517.990.1414 •

Jamie Vandenburgh

Human Services Pathway
Liberal Arts Pathway
(Last Name E – O)

Jamie Vandenburgh
Walker Hall, Room 130C • 517.990.1419 •

headshot of Janel Elenbaas

Science, Engineering & Mathematics Pathway

Janel Elenbaas
Walker Hall Room 130B • 517.990.1418 •

headshot of Christopher Kimball


Chris Kimball
Walker Hall Room 229 • 517.990.1439 •

headshot of Freddie DeRamus


Freddie DeRamus
Walker Hall Room 130D • 517.990.1432 •

Advising Hours

Appointment Hours

Appointments can be made from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Walk-In Advising Hours

  • Monday: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Wednesday: No walk in hours
  • Thursday: 1 – 3 p.m.
  • Friday: No walk in hours

Walk-In Advising and appointment time availability is subject to change to meet the needs of new and current students.

What is Walk-In Advising?

Walk-in advising is a 15 minute advising session on a first-come, first-served basis. During walk-in advising times, you may not be able to meet with your assigned Navigator. Services during walk-in advising include: questions or information on the current or upcoming semester, questions on prerequisite courses, and providing students with resources for growth and autonomy in the registration process.

What is a Scheduled Appointment?

At Jackson College, students develop an advising relationship with their Student Success Navigators during 30-minute appointments. Every relationship is built on mutual respect and openness of the Navigator and Student. Navigators assist students in determining individualized resources and planning based on open communication of the students’ needs and long-term goals.

Scheduled appointments are 30 minute advising sessions at a specified time on a Navigator’s calendar. Services available during a scheduled appointment include: long-term planning, academic success planning, transfer institution/class questions, and SEM-140 course appointments.

Please note that appointments must be scheduled at least one business day in advance. During peak registration times, appointments may be booked several weeks in advance. Please plan ahead when making an appointment.

Center Locations, Veterans, TRIO

Student Success Navigators not only serve as academic advisors but as a student’s total resource advocate. Navigators off of Central Campus and working with special populations (TRIO, Vet Center) are generalists. Students are assigned Navigators off-site based on last name of the student. Navigator’s guide students throughout their college experience through the Navigator’s Total Commitment to Student Success.

Headshot of Sara Cornell

Hillsdale Campus
Last Name A – C
HCEMC Students

Sara Cornell
Hillsdale Campus • 517.437.3343 •

Nadia Monat

Hillsdale Campus
Last Name D-Z

Nadia Monat
Hillsdale Campus • 517.437.3343 •

Last Name A – J

Tom Largent
JC@LISD TECH • 517.265.5515 ext. 2137 •

headshot of Tyrone Green

Last Name K – Z

Tyrone Green
JC@LISD TECH • 517.265.5515 ext. 2128 •

Maher Campus
(Last Name A – Z)

Sarah Ebersole
Maher Campus • 517.768.7097 •

headshot of Anthony Rana


Anthony Rana
Walker Hall Room 138A • 517.990.1352 •

headshot of Randall Locke


Randall Locke
Walker Hall, Room 235 • 517.990.1333 •


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