Mission Documents


Together we inspire and transform lives.


Jackson College is a world-class institution of higher education where learners succeed and community needs are met.


As employees of Jackson College, an innovative institution totally committed to student success (TCS²), we believe:

  • The success of our students is always our first priority
  • We must perform our jobs admirably, giving our best service and support every day, for everyone
  • Teamwork is founded upon people bringing different gifts and perspectives
  • We provide educational opportunities for those who might otherwise not have them
  • In providing employees with a safe and fulfilling work environment, as well as an opportunity to grow and learn
  • Our progress must be validated by setting goals and measuring our achievements
  • We must make decisions that are best for the institution as a whole
  • Building and maintaining trusting relationships with each other is essential
  • Competence and innovation are essential means of sustaining our values in a competitive marketplace
  • We make a positive difference in the lives of our students, our employees, and our communities
  • In the principles of integrity, opportunity and fairness
  • We must prepare our students to be successful in a global environment
  • Our work matters


  • Integrity – We demonstrate integrity through professional, ethical, transparent, and consistent behavior in both our decision-making and in our treatment of others; being accountable for our work and actions is the basis of trust.
  • Caring – We demonstrate caring through attentive and responsive action to the needs of students and others.  We listen with open minds, speak kindly, and foster relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Collaboration – We demonstrate collaboration through the mutual commitment of individuals and organizations who come together for a common cause, encouraging self-reflection, teamwork, and respect for ourselves and others.
  • Quality – We demonstrate quality through innovation in the continuous improvement of all processes and services, encouraging students and others to become creative thinkers.
  • Inclusion – We demonstrate inclusion by seeking involvement and providing access for those with diverse backgrounds to work toward a culture of equality while maintaining differences in a respectful way.
  • Service – We demonstrate service by striving to make the communities we serve great places to live, work, and learn through our involvement, both as an organization and as individuals.
  • Leadership – We demonstrate leadership by nurturing the full development of those we serve, identifying and empowering individuals’ greatest strengths.