Jackson College Policies

Policy NumberPolicyPolicy TypeForms and Procedures
2807Academic Amnesty/ForgivenessStudent Services
1037Academic FreedomAcademics
1004Academic HonestyAcademicsAcademic Dishonesty Reporting Form
1005Academic Permissions/Copyright ClearanceAcademics
1035Academic Program ReviewAcademics
1045Academic Progress Standards for F1 Visa StudentsInternational Student Institute
EL-10Access to EducationBoard of Trustees
2801Access to Student Information (FERPA)Student ServicesFERPA Release Form
Release of Student Information
BCD-2Accountability of the PresidentBoard of Trustees
2814Admissions StandardsAcademics
1215Allowable/Unallowable Purchase PolicyBusiness Office
2605Animals on CampusSecurity
2501AppealsStudent Resolution AdvocateAcademic Complaint Procedure
Non-Academic Appeal Form
Academic Complaint Form
1603Appropriate Use of Bulk Email ServiceInformation Technology
1104Assessment of Student LearningAcademics
EL-05Asset ProtectionBoard of Trustees
1410Athletes in HousingResidence Life
1405Athletic Team and Student TravelStudent Life
1736Attire & AppearanceHuman Resources
1204Audit Certification CEOBusiness Office
1407Background Checks for Housing ResidentsStudent Life
2303Behavioral Health and Community Service ReferralCenter for Student Success
GP-08Board and Committee ExpensesBoard of Trustees
GP-09Board Code of ConductBoard of Trustees
GP-02Board Job ContributionsBoard of Trustees
GP-12Board Linkage with External OrganizationsBoard of Trustees
GP-11Board Linkage with OwnershipBoard of Trustees
GP-03Board Planning Cycle and Agenda ControlBoard of Trustees
EN-01Boards ENDSBoard of Trustees
2619Body-Worn CameraSecurity
2704Bulletin Board UsageStudent Services
2601Campus ClosingSecurityCampus Closing Procedure
1616Campus View Information TechnologyInformation Technology
1803CCE Course CancellationCorporate and Continuing Education
2840Chosen Name and Identity PolicyInformation Technology
3112Classroom AccessAcademics
3120Classroom and Laboratory Visitor PolicyAcademics
1615Clinical Simulation RecordingInformation Technology
2107College SponsorshipsMarketing
1901College Vehicle UseFacilities
1713Communicable DiseaseHuman Resources
EL-08Communication & Support to the BoardBoard of Trustees
EL-07Compensation and BenefitsBoard of Trustees
3042Contact TracingHuman Resources
1213Continuing Disclosure ComplianceBusiness Office
3110Contract AuthorityPresident's Office
2913Cost of Attendance (COA)Financial Aid
3109Councils, Committees and Student OrganizationsPresident's Office
2820Course AuditingAcademics
1036Course FeesAcademics
2817Course RepeatsStudent Services
1010Course ReviewAcademics
1012Credit by ExaminationAcademicsCredit by Examination Procedure
Application for Credit by Examination
1201Credit Card PolicyBusiness OfficeCredit Card Procedure
Credit Card Monthly Summary
Credit Card Application
Tax Exempt Certificate
1042Credit for Prior LearningAcademicsCredit for Prior Learning Form
1106Credit HourAcademics
2611Critical Incident TeamSecurity
1026Dean's ListAcademics
BCD-3Delegation to the CEOBoard of Trustees
2908Direct Loan PolicyFinancial Aid
1008Distance Learning CoursesAcademics
2830Dual EnrollmentAcademics
2706Emotional Support Animals in HousingCenter for Student Success
1723Employee Conflict of InterestHuman ResourcesEmployee Conflict of Interest Survey
1730Employee Drug and/or Alcohol UseHuman Resources
1602Employee Groupware Email ServiceInformation Technology
1904Employee Office Move RequestFacilitiesEmployee Move Request Forms
2001Employee Personnel RecordHuman Resources
3041Employee Vaccination PolicyHuman Resources
EL-11Entrepreneurial ActivityBoard of Trustees
1712Equal Opportunity/Non-DiscriminationHuman Resources
1403Equity in Athletics ReportingStudent Life
3006Ethical Standards in College RecruitmentStudent Services
2612Expressive Activities & DemonstrationsSecurity
1732Face CoveringHuman Resources
1024Faculty Stipend CompensationAcademicsApplication and Approval Procedure
2904Financial Aid Code of ConductFinancial Aid
2909Financial Aid Required ReportingFinancial Aid
EL-04Financial Conditions and ActivitiesBoard of Trustees
1202Financial Obligation HoldBusiness Office
2616Firearms - Safety and Security PersonnelSecurity
2502Gainful EmploymentFinancial Aid
EL-00General Executive ConstraintBoard of Trustees
GP-00Global Governance CommitmentBoard of Trustees
BCD-00Global StatementBoard of Trustees
GP-01Governing StyleBoard of Trustees
1039Graduation RequirementsAcademics
1608Guest User Computer and InternetInformation TechnologyAcknowledgement of Minor Access to Unfiltered Internet
GP-15Handling Alleged Policy ViolationsBoard of Trustees
GP-14Handling Operational ComplaintsBoard of Trustees
1504Harriet Myer Student Emergency FundFoundation
1905Hazard CommunicationFacilities
1303Housing Acceptance CriteriaResidence Life
1409Housing Deposit PolicyStudent Life
1007Human Specimen Laboratory - RespectAcademicsAnatomy and Physiology Laboratory Rules
1003Incomplete GradeAcademicsIncomplete Grade Form
1050Independent StudyAcademicsIndependent Study Application
1051Individualized LearningAcademicsIndividualized Learning Application
1614Information SecurityInformation Technology
1613Information Technology Electronic AccountInformation Technology
1607Information Technology MaintenanceInformation Technology
1606Information Technology-Respectful UseInformation Technology
3030Institutional Review BoardAcademicsInformation for Researchers
1402Intercollegiate AthleticsStudent Life
1505Internal, External and Non-College FundraisingFoundation
1033International Education & Study Abroad ProgramsAcademicsCode of Conduct
General Information & Authorization for Medical Treatment
Health Disclosure
Participant Agreement-Liability Waiver
Program Policies Agreement
3003International Student AdmissionsStudent Services
GP-10Investment in GovernanceBoard of Trustees
EL-06InvestmentsBoard of Trustees
2910Isakson and Roe Section 1018Records
3107Jackson College Code of Conduct and Ethical PracticePresident's Office
1612JetNet Course ArchiveInformation Technology
EL-12Land UseBoard of Trustees
2810Late EnrollmentStudent Services
1610Learning Studio Room/Equipment UseInformation Technology
1102Library FinesAcademics
1103Library Material CheckoutAcademics
3104Lobbying Prohibition PolicyPresident's Office
1902Lockout/Tagout PolicyFacilities
1619Malware RemovalInformation Technology
1027Mandatory Assessment and PlacementAcademics
2705Mandatory New Student OrientationStudent Services
2101Media RelationsMarketing
3103Memorandum of AgreementPresident's Office
3114Military Leave of AbsenceStudent Services
3115Military Withdrawal due to OrdersStudent Services
2818Minimum StandardsStudent Services
1406Minors in HousingStudent Life
2620Minors on CampusSecurity
1302Missing StudentSecurityMissing Student Notification Procedure
BCD-4Monitoring CEO PerformanceBoard of Trustees
1503Named Endowed FundsFoundation
1502Naming OpportunitiesFoundation
1719NepotismHuman Resources
1207Net Asset (Fund) Balance PolicyBusiness Office
1030New Course ProposalsAcademics
2816Obsolete CoursesStudent Services
2105Online PrivacyMarketing
2901Opt Out of Financial Aid for BooksFinancial Aid
1708Oral Employment Contracts/PromisesHuman Resources
EL-09Organization CultureBoard of Trustees
2615Parking PolicySecurity
1214Participant Support CostsBusiness Office
2803Participation and Attendance ReportingStudent Services
EL-03PlanningBoard of Trustees
3101Policy and Procedure Development and ApprovalPresident's Office
3102Political Party InvolvementPresident's OfficeACE Campaign Related Activities on Campus
2806Pre-requisite/Graduation RequirementsStudent Services
2808Prerequisite PolicyStudent Services
BCD-5President & CEO SuccessionBoard of Trustees
BCD-6President CompensationBoard of Trustees
2905Program Authorization and ComplianceFinancial Aid
1209Purchasing PolicyBusiness Office
1506Receiving and Accepting GiftsFoundation
3108Record RetentionPresident's Office
3117Registration RestrictionsStudent Services
1728Relationships with StudentsHuman Resources
1733Remote Work PolicyHuman Resources
1014Reporting of GradesAcademics
1601Responsible UseInformation Technology
GP-04Role of the Board ChairBoard of Trustees
GP-05Role of the Vice ChairBoard of Trustees
2617Safety and Security InterventionsSecurity
2903Satisfactory Academic ProgressFinancial AidFinancial Aid Appeal Form
1009Section CancellationAcademics
1717Sexual HarassmentHuman ResourcesDiscrimination and Harassment Complaint Form
Title IX Complaint Process with Appeal
3119Social MediaMarketing
1604Solution Center Notebook CheckoutInformation Technology
GP-13Special Rules of OrderBoard of Trustees
1206State of Michigan Capital Outlay Request ProcessBusiness Office
2702Student Discipline, Suspension, or ExpulsionStudent ServicesStudents in distress Procedure
No Trespass Order Form
3116Student Drug and/or Alcohol UseStudent Services
3001Student Education Plan (SEP) and Program of Study (POS)Student Services
2703Student Involuntary WithdrawalStudent Services
1404Student Life Planning and ParticipationStudent Life
2301Student Request for AccommodationCenter for Student SuccessGrievance Procedure
2809Student ResidencyStudent Services
2701Student Rights, Responsibilities & Code of ConductStudent Services
2805Student Success GuaranteeStudent Services
3040Student Vaccination PolicyStudent ServicesVaccination Consent for On-Campus Living
3105Supplanting Prohibition Policy - Perkins ActPresident's Office
3125Survey and Focus Group PolicyInstitutional Research & Effectiveness
2609Threats and ViolenceSecurity
1216Time and Effort ReportingBusiness Office
2614Timely Warning SystemSecurity
1715Tobacco Free/Smoke Free EnvironmentHuman Resources
2819Transfer Credit EvaluationStudent Services
1734Transgender Bathroom Use PolicyHuman Resources
1203Travel and MileageBusiness Office
EL-02Treatment of StaffBoard of Trustees
EL-01Treatment of StudentsBoard of Trustees
1211Tuition & Fees, Refunds & Adjustments to AccountsBusiness Office
2902Tuition Grants and ScholarshipsFinancial Aid
2404Tutoring ServicesCenter for Student Success
BCD-1Unity of ControlBoard of Trustees
1401Use of Athletic FacilitiesStudent Life
2618Use of ForceSecurity
2623Use of TasersSecurity
2907Veteran Standards of Progress (VSP)Financial Aid
2606Video SurveillanceSecurity
2603Weapons on CampusSecurity
2102Website AccessibilityMarketing
1041Work-Based LearningAcademicsInternship Application
2707Zero ToleranceStudent Judicial

Policy Process

  1. New policies are sent to the Institutional Research & Effectiveness department to distribute to an appropriate committee for approval.
  2. Following committee approval, they are recommended to the Leadership Council for final approval.
  3. Once approved, the new policy is added to a regular review cycle to ensure the policy is maintained according to an appropriate schedule.

Make Changes to a Current Policy

For a copy of the policy template, or to make changes to a current policy, please contact:

Deb Schissler
Institutional Research & Effectiveness Specialist