Jackson College will host a Summer Band Camp Program for young musicians in their first to fourth year of band. Band campers will benefit from guided instruction and time to improve on their instruments, playing a variety of music, technical exercises, “board songs” (7-Nation Army, I Like to Move It, Agent P., and requests possible), as well as marching basics. High school musicians interesting in pursuing secondary instruments are also invited to attend as campers.

Parents, high school instrumentalists, and college students, please contact Dan Bickel (bickeldanielp@jccmi.edu) if you are able to come sit in with the group or lead sections. High schoolers can often use this time to count as volunteer hours toward graduating or other volunteering requirements.

Note names, scales, music reading and note fingerings will become easier and easier, making future musical experiences more rewarding. The cost will be $75 per student.  Camp will run from 9 a.m. to 12 noon each day, with full concert rehearsals, small-group sessions, and marching sessions each day.