Campus View Student Housing

Going to college is a big step in your life. Make the most of it by living on campus, with Jackson College’s Campus View student housing. Located just minutes away from anywhere on campus — classes, dining commons, the library, the fieldhouse — students will always be at home when living on campus. Studies show that living on campus can lead to higher grades, greater academic success, better rate of completion and more satisfaction with the overall college experience.

Make Jackson College your home!

There is no place like your hometown. You know it well, where to hang out, where to shop, where to eat. It’s home. Living on campus can bring the best of both worlds. You will be close to all the campus activities and buildings, and the Jackson community with all it has to offer is just a few minutes drive. You won’t feel lost in a crowd! Enjoy the disc golf course, take a walk around the campus, go back to your room and watch a little TV or take a catnap. Because when you live on campus, you are always home.