Career and Transfer Guarantee

Jackson College guarantees that the courses completed in any Associate in Applied Science degree will provide students with the entry-level technical skills necessary for that particular occupation provided the requirements outlined in the policy statement below have been met.

Jackson College (JC) also guarantees that any course which is included on an official transfer guide, the MACRAO/MTA agreement, or the baccalaureate-granting institutional course equivalency guide, shall transfer to the named baccalaureate degree institution, provided the criteria outlined in the Policy Statement are met, as specified.

The Jackson College guarantee is applicable provided the following requirements are met:

  • The student followed and completed the official JC program guide sheet for course selection and sequencing.
  • Student applied for and was approved for graduation (the full program of study must be completed at JC).
  • Student was employed full-time in a job related to the JC program completed within one year of graduation.
  • Student demonstrated core-competencies for the technical skills required by the program as evidenced by successful completion of required courses, with a grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  • Students must keep their record current with the Registration and Records Office (including Student Education Plan and Degree Program).

Although some students are employed prior to graduation, the guarantee only applies if the student completes all courses required for graduation prior to becoming employed in their field of study.

If within two years of graduation, the student is subsequently judged, by an employer, to be lacking in a technical job skill normally expected of any entry-level employee, JC will provide up to 16 credits of technical skill training without additional charge for tuition or fees.

To be eligible for retraining: the employment must be certified, by the Dean of Students/designee, as being directly related to graduate’s program of study.