Outstanding Support Staff

Nominations may be submitted by any JC employee or student.  Anonymous nominations will not be considered.  Nominations will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the previous year’s winner of the Outstanding Support Staff Award and 5 employees (selected by random drawing).

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  • • The success of our students is always our first priority
    • We must perform our jobs admirably, giving our best service and support every day, for everyone
    • Teamwork is founded upon people bringing different gifts and perspectives
    • We provide educational opportunities for those who might otherwise not have them
    • In providing employees with a safe and fulfilling work environment, as well as an opportunity to grow and learn
    • Our progress must be validated by setting goals and measuring our achievements
    • We must make decisions that are best for the institution as a whole
    • Building and maintaining trusting relationships with each other is essential
    • Competence and innovation are essential means of sustaining our values in a competitive marketplace
    • We make a positive difference in the lives of our students, our employees, and our communities
    • In the principles of integrity, opportunity and fairness
    • We must prepare our students to be successful in a global environment
    • Our work matters

Award Recipients

  • 2024 – Anthony Fassett

    headshot of Anthony Fassett

    Anthony Fassett


  • 2023 – Melissa Potter

    Melissa Potter


  • 2022 – Lauren Kroa

    Lauren Kroa

    Lauren Kroa


  • 2021 – Kate Fall

    Kate Fall


    Kate Fall served as fieldhouse and athletics coordinator, working to help student athletes understand necessary requirements to be successful inside and outside the classroom. During the pandemic, she went beyond her usual responsibilities to enhance service to students through the online chat feature, initiating changes in processes, assisting with professional development opportunities and more. Kate supports arts in the community, including the Bright Walls festival.

  • 2020 – Jonathon Ponagai

    Jonathan Ponagai

    Jonathon Ponagai


    “It was unexpected and very humbling. One of the few times I didn’t know what to say. I love my job for several reasons. I am passionate about education and believe that it is the best vehicle for people to better themselves; thus, I find a great deal of meaning in serving others. The challenges of meeting the needs of our students and faculty are interesting and can often make a difference. I also love all the opportunities I get to be involved at various levels of the institution where I can bring my technical insights and learn from others, working with such diverse groups to deliver our promise to change lives together.”

  • 2019 – Shannon Fischer

    Shannon Fischer

    Shannon Fischer


    Shannon Fischer helps students with their financial plans in her role as the senior student financial services representative. She has been part of the business office for 10 years and has grown in positions to serve both internal and external customers better. Fischer enjoys the opportunity to work with other staff to help them understand student financial information in order to improve overall service to students. She was also involved with bringing new payment plan software in-house rather than using a third-party vendor, which offers greater flexibility.

  • 2018 – Amanda Janes


    Amanda Janes


    Amanda Janes

    Amanda Janes works as the center coordinator for the LeTarte Center, Hillsdale. She began as a part-time secretary in 1996 and become a full-time employee in 1997. In her role, she works to build collaborative relationship and partnerships in Hillsdale County, recruitment in Hillsdale County, creates annual class offering for the LeTarte Center, oversees daily functions and operations and serves on various community boards. She also coordinates the Hillsdale County Early Middle College. She enjoys all she does and helping provide individuals in Hillsdale County with an educational opportunity.

  • 2017 – Kimberly Seaburg


    Kimberly Seaburg


    Kimberly Seaburg

    Kimberly Seaburg began working at Jackson College in 2001 and worked in student services for many years before going to work for the Jackson College Corrections Education Program. Kimberly is currently the Course Scheduler/Scheduling Manager. Helping students always comes first. In the community, she’s served on the Grass Lake Schools Board of Education and is Grass Lake Area Manager for Girl Scouts.

  • 2016 – Marcie Clone


    Marcie Clone

    Marcie Clone began working for Jackson College in 1999, and held a few positions before joining the information technology department. She is thankful for the opportunities and training the College has provided, allowing her to grow into new positions. As administrative systems coordinator, Marcie is the go-to person for the College’s student information database system and oversees room scheduling and housing software systems. Marcie is part of the enterprise technologies team, which offers support to collegewide applications. She enjoys the opportunity to help others do their jobs.

  • 2015 – Tina Matz



    Tina Matz

    Tina Matz, workforce training coordinator, is committed to helping community business and industry meet their training needs. She began working for Jackson College in 2009, and in her role in workforce training she facilitated the Michigan New Jobs Training Program and all aspects of non-credit occupational training and continuing education. She works diligently to stay up-to-date with workforce trends and implement best practices. Tina enjoys the opportunity to be innovative in providing necessary training to local employers.


  • 2014 – Lisa Taylor


    Lisa Taylor

    Lisa Taylor enjoys helping others with technology needs at Jackson College. She began working at the College in 1998 and was recognized for work as core technology team leader in information technology. In this role, she managed computer and technology purchases and deployment across the College, software purchases and deployment, managing key labor resources for the help desk, servers, telephone and audio-visual systems. In the community, she’s been active with the Jackson Autism Support Network, volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life and Making Strides.

  • 2013 – Monica Bouman

    Monica Bouman


    Monica Bouman

    Monica Bouman began working at the College full-time in 2002, and previously had been a student here. In her role as supplemental instruction program supervisor, she enjoyed the opportunity to mentor today’s students as she had found mentorship as a student. In her position, she oversees recruiting, hiring, training, budget, data collection and reports for SI program. Supplemental instructors are students who have been successful in a course, and are hired to sit in and to assist other students as needed. Monica enjoys working with students and the opportunity to interact and be part of their journey.