Start strong. Jackson College helps young grad find success

October 24, 2023

Emily Mast considers her time at Jackson College invaluable.  

 She started her education at Jackson Preparatory Early College at the age of 14. Being in JPEC means you’re dual-enrolled at Jackson College. After two years she obtained her Associate of Arts degree before being accepted into Purdue University at the age of 16. 

 “I’m glad that I started here because it gave me the foundation before I went on to a bachelor’s degree,” Mast said.  

 Part of her foundation at Jackson College came with her work at the Heritage Center along with achieving a 4.0 GPA as reasons she was able to get into Purdue. 

 “The Heritage Center is my favorite experience probably of my entire life. Professor Diana Agy is the biggest mentor I have ever had in any academic or professional capacity,” Mast said. “I was one of the founding members of the Heritage Center and was able to work on their first two documentaries they created.”  

 Mast says when she visits campus it’s like coming back home.  

 “I think that’s a really incredible thing,” she said. “I love being able to come back and continue to see what campus is like and how things are going and changing over time.”  

 She recommends prospective students to take the ‘jump’ and continue their education here.  

 “A lot of people think, ‘Oh, it’s a community college, why would I come’ but you’re going to save not only so much money, but you’re going to gain so many skills that are going to set you up for success in college,” she said. “That’s one of the biggest selling from my perspective because you’re going to know what it’s like to be a college student before you’re at a university where things can get difficult. I was able to excel at Purdue because I needed to succeed which I learned from Jackson College.”  

 Mast has been able to excel rapidly. She started her career in social media marketing and has since been promoted to Manager of Marketing at Global Health, one of the largest Medicare Advantage companies in the country.  

 “I am a success,” she said.