JetReady Frequently Asked Questions

Before taking your first online class at Jackson College we need to make sure you are JetReady.


Q: What is JetReady?
A: Jackson College’s required online training to get you ready for successful completion of a fully online class.
Q: How much does JetReady cost?
A: It’s free!
Q: How long does it take to complete JetReady?
A: Most students complete JetReady in approximately 2 to 4 hours. Once you select your session you will have 7 days in which to complete the 2-4 hours of online activities at your convenience.
Q: What does JetReady cover?
A: JetReady orients you to the online learning environment at Jackson College and highlights important resources as well as services to support your learning.
Q: Will I receive a grade for JetReady?
A: No, JetReady is a non-credit training, designed to prepare you to succeed as an online student at Jackson College.
Q: Who oversees JetReady?
A: Several facilitators who are experts at preparing you for success in online courses.
Q: Where would I find JetReady?
A: The training is in JetNet. You can login with your JC username and password and then self-enroll into an available section.
Q: When is JetReady held?
A: There are various offerings that you can see when logged into the main JetReady page here.
Q: What if I’ve taken online classes somewhere else?
A: That’s wonderful! JetReady will prepare you for meeting the expectations of online learning that are unique to Jackson College.
Q: What happens if I don’t complete JetReady?
A: You will have to retake the training in order to get into any online class. If you have NOT completed JetReady the week prior to the start of classes you will need to talk with your advisor about taking a different course.



Free to take,
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